Bend It Like Anna.

God has been dealing with me on a thing or twenty that I’ll share later in the week.  Today, I just had to post some pics of Anna in her first soccer game ever.  Because, I love her.  And, she makes me laugh so hard.




She really enjoyed herself and her over-sized soccer shirt that could double as a dress.  That didn’t stop her from getting in there in and dominating posing on the soccer field.  When she noticed I had my camera aimed at her cute self, she decided to turn, stop, and smile.  Headed tilted and all.  Instead of taking the picture, I did what any good mother would do.  I yelled, “Go!  Go!  Your team is on the OTHER side of the field!”  So, she returned to face her fiersome opponents. 

When she wasn’t winking at me or striking a pose, she did manage to take the ball away from her opponents and teammates.  We were so proud when she handled the ball so well, kicking it with all her might towards the goal.  So what if it was the other team’s goal.  She was in the zone. 

The Chargers did lose.  But, please don’t tell her.  When she asked who won, I said her team did.  Because, all good mothers lie to their children for the sake of their self-esteem. 

In other news, my good friend, Shari, came out for a visit.  She made it just in time for Anna’s soccer game.


Shari looks a wee bit more excited than Anna here.  But, no worries.  The High School Musical backpack Shari gave her won her right over.

Is it just me or does Shari favor Beth Moore in this pic?  Take a closer look.


It kind of makes me want to persuade Shari tell me more about the disciple, John or somethingoranother.  But, alas, we will just shop instead.

That’s all folks. 



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5 responses to “Bend It Like Anna.

  1. I’ve always wanted to have coffee with Beth Moore. Looks like my wish will come true at 9:15 Central Standard Time.


  2. Amanda Morgan

    Love it! Her doggy ears look fearsome! Can’t wait until Molly gets out on the playing field. She has the attitude to get out there now thanks to her big brothers. Love the pic’s, Anna Banana is awesome in my book. Love you Takle’s! Mean it. (:

  3. Sharon

    wish i had’ve been there! they are so cute to watch at that age… especially a shy child like anna! ha!

  4. Doug

    Is that a “T” for Takle on the jersey, or is that the logo from the movie 1st knight. Soccer is a great sport.

  5. Brenda

    Love the PINK socks and cleats…much better than purple!

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