Maybe I’ve Judged Jack Bauer.

My friend Shari left this morning on a red-eye flight back to Florida.  But, not before she made me sit through an episode of 24. 

Sorry friends.  I’ve never really made friends with Jack.  None the less, she managed to shush me the entire hour.  Then, she sneezed over and over again during commercials.

For the love.

Despite her obsession for Mr. Jack Bauer, I did enjoy her visit.  And, we did manage to share our hearts and where we felt Christ was leading us.  I also told her the most recent issue God has been dealing with me on.


I know, right?  It seems like I would have already dealt with this by now.  I’m not sure how God deals with you, but He doesn’t seem to play around with me.  Remember this post?  At first, God whispered to me, “See people the way I see people.”

Oh, I totally got that.  For a while.

Then, without even realizing it, I’d make a judgment on someone again.  And, I know – I’m completely uncovering myself here.  But, it’s true.  I’d judge them for not making what I thought was a Godly decision or for walking in disobedience. 


Until, God started showing me how ugly it all was.  It was as if He put my judgments in my face and said, “Isn’t this ugly?”

It was.

I was convicted.

I’m becoming more and more conscious of it now.  Perhaps, it’s kind of like forming a habit.  You practice and practice not judging until you finally really see people the way He sees people.

As His children.


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4 responses to “Maybe I’ve Judged Jack Bauer.

  1. Judy

    His Children…THAT IS THE KEY….we have to remember that always….that one truth will keep you from hurting someone or taking revenge ….go to Him and let Him deal with His own kids….lol…THIS IS NOT EASY…and the fact that He is longsuffering…welllllll

  2. I don’t want to think about judgmentalism. Particularly not mine 🙂 But, it is amazing how much I catch myself falling into this area.

    Thanks, I think 😉

  3. Great blog Dusty! Whew, what a topic! One anybody and everybody struggles with, whether they know they do or try not to? When someone wrongs another loved one in my life, it is hard, hard to just let it go and not take up the offense! Not hard for some family members, but if someone messes with my Mom, and they know better?? I want to knock their lights out. ha! Love yoU!

  4. I knew I liked Shari.

    Jack Bauer is a household name for us. We’d invite him for Thanksgiving if we could find his phone number.

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