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The Secret of Her Success.

My young athlete scored 8 of her team’s 11 goals at Saturday’s soccer game.  She told her Nan,

“I just turned on my speed and asked God to help me.  But, don’t tell the green team.”

When I later asked Anna if she prayed to ask God to help her, she responded, “No, I didn’t pray, I just asked Him.” 

This is where her knowledge of God becomes relational.  Where talking to Him becomes second nature.  And, that makes a momma’s heart happy.

Except for when she shouted, “We win!  They lose!” 

Today’s Parenting Lesson:  Humility.


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Wish I Had A Clever Title For This Post.

I asked Kris last night if he’d guest blog today.  His creative juices were just all dried up after slaving in the kitchen all day.  Seriously.  All. Day.  He cooked lunch and dinner, and he made another batch of these sinful pastries in between:

Cinnamon rolls wp

Sorry ladies, he’s taken. 

Sooo, ya got me today.  Surprised?  I thought not.  It is my blog. 

Our weekend consisted of soccer games, church, cinnamon roll consumption, and lounging in PJ’s all day on Sunday.  Anna head-butted the same boy for a third time during her game.  Kris politely suggested to her coach that he not put the two of them on the field at the same time.  Kris also seems to think Anna isn’t getting enough play time on the field.  (Which, I’m pretty sure she’s getting equal time to her other teammates, but Kris lives in Daddyville.)  He expressed this to her coach as well.  “She is little domineering and intense on the field,” her coach responded.

Domineering?  My four year old?


In better news, Anna has been wearing undies to school every day.  And, that’s somethin’, right?  We’ve also recovered from her using her “hitting hands” at school.  Oh, wait.  Did I fail to share that one?  Her teacher called a couple of weeks ago to inform us Anna was using her “hitting hands.” 

“Anna, who are you hitting at school?”  I asked her.

After naming one boy, she concludes with “And a bunch of other people.  I don’t know their names.”


Kris and I did the appropriate sit down, talk it out, and work it out with her on the issue of “hitting hands.”  We are pleased to announce the Spirit has set her free. 

So far.

That’s our weekend and Anna Takle update.

Now to you!


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Our Weekend In Pictures.

I’m officially the mother of a seven year old.

JH - 7yo wp

Er, soccer is back.

Anna - weekend wp

Daddy Bryan came out to celebrate.

Bryan - JH weekend wp

So did Nan.

Mom - weekend wp

My husband rocks. 

Kris - JH weekend wp

But, he rocks every weekend.

And, this is what 15 ½ weeks looks like.

Pregnant 15 wks wp

Well, it’s what it looks like on me. 

Let’s be honest.  There are probably a few of Kris’ homemade cinnamon rolls in that picture, too. 

It was a fun weekend filled with a ton of love.  I am thankful for a Nan is who continues to be a great mom.  I am thankful for a daughter who lets her fun personality show in her pictures.  I am thankful for a son who makes my heart melt.  And, I’m thankful for two dads who love that one son so much that they even enjoy one another.

Oh, and I’m thankful for the littlest Takle.

That’s my weekend.

How was yours?


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Bend It Like Anna.

God has been dealing with me on a thing or twenty that I’ll share later in the week.  Today, I just had to post some pics of Anna in her first soccer game ever.  Because, I love her.  And, she makes me laugh so hard.




She really enjoyed herself and her over-sized soccer shirt that could double as a dress.  That didn’t stop her from getting in there in and dominating posing on the soccer field.  When she noticed I had my camera aimed at her cute self, she decided to turn, stop, and smile.  Headed tilted and all.  Instead of taking the picture, I did what any good mother would do.  I yelled, “Go!  Go!  Your team is on the OTHER side of the field!”  So, she returned to face her fiersome opponents. 

When she wasn’t winking at me or striking a pose, she did manage to take the ball away from her opponents and teammates.  We were so proud when she handled the ball so well, kicking it with all her might towards the goal.  So what if it was the other team’s goal.  She was in the zone. 

The Chargers did lose.  But, please don’t tell her.  When she asked who won, I said her team did.  Because, all good mothers lie to their children for the sake of their self-esteem. 

In other news, my good friend, Shari, came out for a visit.  She made it just in time for Anna’s soccer game.


Shari looks a wee bit more excited than Anna here.  But, no worries.  The High School Musical backpack Shari gave her won her right over.

Is it just me or does Shari favor Beth Moore in this pic?  Take a closer look.


It kind of makes me want to persuade Shari tell me more about the disciple, John or somethingoranother.  But, alas, we will just shop instead.

That’s all folks. 



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What Kind?

Well, our weekend went off spectacularly.  John Henry played his first soccer game, and he thought the tumble and roll was the best part of the game.  Here he is before the uniform needed a good washing.


We were pretty certain this girl here was our ringer.

Not so much.

Anyhoo, the start of Takle/Landreth sports has begun.  And, we couldn’t be more excited or proud.

Anna, much like her momma, kicked it back and soaked it all in.

As I gave John Henry one of his birthday gifts, I told him it was from his Dad.

His response and, no doubt, quote of the weekend, “What kind?”

In other words, which dad?

We all laughed at our not so normal life.

People often ask us how we do what we do.  How do Kris and Bryan do dinner together, laugh together, and share the joys of one amazing boy together?  I don’t know that I ever explain it all very well.  This is what I do know:

– After Bryan and I separated (and I was pregnant with John Henry), I prayed several scriptures over Bryan’s life.  (Thank you, Bob and LaRue McDaniel, for your amazing book, “Pray the Word”.)

– I chose forgiveness. 

– I married a man who not only loves me, but loves John Henry so much that he loves Bryan, too.

– I took ownership in “my stuff.”

– I thank God every day that His mercies are new every morning.

Because, I need them.  We all need them.  And, I know that I know that I know, that I am nothing without Him. 

What kind of dad?  The kind that loves.

Aren’t you glad our heavenly Father loves us no matter what?



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Celebrate Good Times.

I’ve spent a lot of time this week getting our house ready for John Henry’s birthday celebration.  My parents arrived yesterday, and my dad had his list of restaurants he needed to hit before departing the great state of Oklahoma.  Daddy Bryan arrives this evening. 

We decided to make the weekend a family affair for the most part, and John Henry didn’t seem to mind scaling down his bash as long as Optimus Prime made an appearance on his birthday cake.  No, I didn’t ask for Kris’ assistance.  The Super Target bakery will do just fine, thank you.

We all get to watch John Henry play his first game of soccer tomorrow morning.  It should be a wonderful weekend centered on a tender-hearted, soon to be six-year old. 

Not much sweeter than time with family.  It’s that kind of love that gives our children a foundation that will weather anything.

“There are two lasting bequests we can give our children.  One is roots.  The other is wings.”  – Hodding Carter, Jr.

What are your weekend plans?


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