Well, Bigmama’s 90th birthday did not go unnoticed.  I was sad to miss all the hoopla, although I did talk to Aunt Kate, Bigmama’s 94 year old sister, on the phone for the better part of my Friday evening. 

She enjoys talking on the phone.

Aunt Kate, who spent Friday evening at my parents’ house celebrating Bigmama , always makes me laugh.  And, she never fails to tell me or anyone else exactly what’s on her mind.

“Your daddy is drivin’ me crazy.  I understand now why you live so far way,” she told me.  If you’ll recall, Aunt Kate is the rebel of the family, and she’ll gladly give you a Dixie cup for your snuff.  Heck, she’ll even share her snuff. 

Here are the two sisters here. 

Bigmama - Kate wp

And, here they are laughing.  Really hard.  {Notice the Dixie cup.}

Bigmama - Kate 2 wp

I’m blessed to have the Godly heritage that I have.  I’m blessed that I can call Bigmama any time of day, and if I ask her, she’ll pray the most powerful prayer FULL of faith over my life.  My own heritage has me thinking about the legacy I will leave my children’s children.  This means I have to parent intentionally.  I think I’ll share a few of those thoughts over the next couple of days. 

Or, I might share on my new love for yard sales.  Or, how I spend the extra money for the real maple syrup, because it’s healthier, but also buy Pringles potato chips.  Or, how Anna likes to sleep in her swimsuit underneath her gown these days.  I could be wrong, but I think she’s ready for summer.

Happy Monday, Y’all.


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6 responses to “Legacy.

  1. Judy

    You have an amazing life….glad you treasure it at such a young age and know what is really important….like real maple syurp lol…j/k

  2. Wendy Verdon

    You are too funny! So wise beyond your years. Glad you are on here and sharing your stories, they are alway enlightening and always make me think. Thanks again!

  3. Love the sisters laughing, what a great shot!

  4. Mom

    Dusty, this past weekend was a long and exhausting time for me, and when it was all over, I sat down and couldn’t stop the tears thinking what an awesome experiece that I had been a part of, being with 2 beautiful ladies who have lived to see things we have only read about, or just heard of, who have been thru trials, pain, hurt, death of parents, siblings and poverty only to come out with a smile on their face, joy in their hearts and yes, even a little spring in their steps are still evident, and enough love and laughter that could fill a room until it overflows! That’s truly a legacy, and I see it left in my daughter & grandchildren. God is such a wonderful God!
    My dear Baby Girl, you are so blessed and such a blessing to so many, Thank you for caring on that legacy!

  5. I love Big Mama and I’ve never met her in person (only heard about her through you:). You are blessed with a wonderful family!

  6. Casey

    Dixie cup and snuff………If we ever get Aunt Kate on a plane again (you know she won’t fly “since they flew those planes into those buildings”) we have her snuff in the cabinet at moms! I got in trouble on Mother’s day b/c one of the last times you were down and saw Aunt Kate I told you to tell her I needed to call her….apparently. And apparently I didnt do it in a timely fashion! And she does LOVE to talk on the phone. Thanks for posting these wonderful pics and stories!

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