Where The Streets Have A Name.

When I spoke at Eagles Way Church on Mother’s Day, I boasted explained how Anna doesn’t put her fingers in her ears when we pray for her any more.  You see, I recognized this as a huge step forward in her walk with Christ. 

Well, she fell off the prayer wagon the other night when she did it again.  I do understand that this is somewhat of a bedtime stall tactic, so I have to explain the importance of prayer to her once again. 

However.  It could very well be the result of her new look. 

And attitude.

Anna - bandana trio wp

Another good reason why I better parent intentionally. 

A completely random sidebar:  Do not call Bigmama during Dancing With the Stars.  She will NOT talk to you.

Okay.  That’s all.


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4 responses to “Where The Streets Have A Name.

  1. Ha ha haa, Anna’s face & look…and that who but Anna would have a pink car seat, cute Dusty! And funny that Big Mama watches dancing with the stars!!!! hahahahahahahahahahah. I NEEDED this chuckle this morning. Thank you and great blog!!

  2. Judy

    NOW I wasn’t ready for the “Dancing With the Stars”….that is funny

  3. Amanda Morgan

    So back to our Twitter conversation yesterday… I’m gonna need Anna belle to start rollin’ with me in my Yukon (xl -just screams mom ride) with my bass kickin funky fresh style on my smooth 20’s (ok- they’re 16’s but they’re phat and made for off-roadin’). All slang aside, I really don’t think I’m cool enough for her but tell her I have froot loops and My Pretty Pony. Now I sound like a child predator. Nevermind…

  4. Wendy Verdon

    I should know better than to skip your blogs! I don’t always have time, but I know I always miss them! Too funny. I just can’t see Aunt Callie watching Dancing With the Stars…too funny.

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