90 Never Looked So Good.

Sure, the Treaty of Versailles was a big deal, but this was bigger.

90 years ago tomorrow, Bigmama was born.

Bigmama 90

I’m glad she was.  And, I’m also glad for her salmon patties, biscuits and pecan-less pecan pies.  Oh, and for always pouring half of a can of evaporated milk into my coffee.

She has a faith like no other, virtues that have stood the test of time, and the deepest love for her family.

Happy Birthday Bigmama.  You always make me smile.


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6 responses to “90 Never Looked So Good.

  1. Judy

    A capable, intelligent, and virtuous woman–who is he who can find her? She is far more precious than jewels and her value is far above rubies or pearls.

    Well we can tell ole Solomon we found her, and Bigdaddy found her for sure. Our heart can surely trust in her….HAPPY BIRTHDAY BIGMAMA!!!!


  2. I personally love this 90 year old Ms Callie Mae Goss!! I got connected with her after your Granddaddy moved onto Heaven, I love to hear her talk, to give her opinion on things, to ask for prayer, for her heart towards God in any situation, her compassion and her desires. She is appreciated by so many, but I love her more than all the walmarts in the world!! Pretty BIg, huh? lol, great day tomorrow to celebrate this legacy of a Godly woman!
    Happy Birthday Big Mama to many!

  3. Brenda

    Happy Birthday Big Mama! Hope you have a good one, You deserve it!

  4. Bigmama is a wonderful woman. She is a great example of how to love your family. I also appreciate her love and faithfulness to God. Happy Birthday, Bigmama.

  5. Joy

    She is beautiful!!! Happy Birthday Bigmama.
    And what do you call a pecan pie without the pecans?????? Syrup Pie.lol

  6. I would like to meet her, I would.

    I feel a trip coming on…

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