He Said, She Said (Part One)

I’m no expert on marriage.  I mean.  You know what they say, “You only get married twice.”  Tee-hee.  No tee-hee?  None.The.Less.   Kris and I have found a few things that make our marriage pur-tee nice.  I asked Kris to help me out with this post.  So, below are his little nuggets of wisdom.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you my favorite pilot (and my forever love), Kris Takle.

Kris says:

– Never drink your pregnant wife’s last caffeine free coke.  (*Note: Dusty is not pregnant.)

– Set goals for your marriage – for your family. 

– Whenever you feel yourself getting upset, try to see things from your partner’s perspective.  If that doesn’t work, count to ten.

– Even if you come home tired from work, it is important to still help out around the house.  Take care of your wife and the things that are important to her.

– Listen to your wife, and don’t try to fix her.

– When your wife asks you to pray for her, make sure she can hear you.  Made this mistake once.

– Hug your wife tightly every single day.  When I’m home, I hug Dusty every morning and every afternoon. 

Oh my word, y’all.  My husband cracks me up.  When I asked him if he had anything else to add, this is what he said:  “You know, I want to keep it short and sweet.  In case I get another guest spot.”

I love him.

I’ll share my little nuggets tomorrow. 

Okay, men.  Do you want to add to this list?


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7 responses to “He Said, She Said (Part One)

  1. Wendy Verdon

    All I can say, is when is he giving lessons to other husbands!??!?! That is all I will say…

  2. Joey

    Kitty and I covered some of this last night at church for our connect group. Here are a few additions:
    1. Be kind no matter what….
    2. Never make your wife the brunt of a joke.(unless you’ve discussed it and she gives the ok)
    3. Never air any complaints in public (keep it between each other.)
    4. Make sure you pay compliments to your mate in public or even better, compliment her to others when she’s not around.

  3. RonJon

    I learned this little nugget from my dad….”when given the opportunity to be kind or to be right…choose kindness”

  4. Leiv Jr.

    Those are really good Kris, spoken like a man who knows his stuff. Being a part of the Joey “get your act straight man connect group” I would add a few more.

    1) pray for your spouse’s heart, over her life, children and your marriage
    2) try to show honor and respect in some small way daily (open the door for her) actions and words. I’m good at actions not so much with words.
    3) Do something she would love to do, without questions or showing it burdens you. I have a tendency to a deep breath in and out…working on that.
    4) Demonstrate love by giving in to an disagreement or arguement and not fighting back
    5) Never drink a pregnant woman’s last bit of grapefruit juice
    6) Make frequent runs to Wendy’s for a single hamburger, french fries, and frosty. Oh, and you have to have the french fries and frosty together because one is dipped in the other (yuck).
    7) Go on dates (We got an F on this in Joey and Kitty’s class so that is a work in progress)

  5. Des

    “I have learned that only two things are necessary to keep one’s wife happy. First, let her think she’s having her own way. And second, let her have it.” -Lyndon B. Johnson

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