I Bet Kris Allen Likes Cupcakes.

I can hardly write anything coherent tonight.  It’s tonight.  But, it’s today for you.  You know.  I’m writing this tonight.  But you are reading this tomorrow.

See what I mean when I can say I can’t write anything coherent tonight?

I just finished baking two dozen cupcakes for Anna’s class.  It’s my turn to bring snack tomorrow and being the mother who doesn’t always think things through, I let Anna choose her snack. 

And, what four-year old girl wouldn’t select cupcakes with pink, blue, and green icing with pink sprinkles on the pink cupcakes, blue sprinkles on the blue cupcakes, and pink AND blue sprinkles on the green cupcakes?  Just.Like.That.

I managed to get it all done between attending my kids’ Soccer Awards Night and developing Carpal Tunnel from texting “Vote” to 5702. 

I wish I could write more.  I really do.  But, I’m going to try to roll out of bed in time to hit the school grounds at 7:30 in the a.m. for the uniform swap. 

I said I’m going to try.

So, if you’re actually still reading this ridiculous excuse for a post, tell me….

Who is going to be the next American Idol?


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7 responses to “I Bet Kris Allen Likes Cupcakes.

  1. Mom

    You are wonderful and the best Mom ever! And Adam should win…but I do like Kris, okay?

  2. Either one will be good, I know they will make lots of CD’s, Danny & Allison too!! Can’t wait to see tonight!! Your such a good Mommy!! I love cupcakes! lol

  3. Tracey

    Hey Your a wonderful mom for all you do!! I remember those days! Cherish them before you know it she will be to big for you! LOL!! And I think Adam is gonna win! I liked all for of the last ones but he can bellow out in tune any note needed! He has an awsome voice! have a great day!!

  4. Amanda Morgan

    Last night was the first night for me to watch American Idol this season. Here are my thoughts…

    What is wrong with Paula? Maybe I should ask: What is right? I’m not sure she said anything coherent last night. I felt bad for her.

    Why does Adam wear makeup? Is that cool? I don’t like that he looks like a girl but he has an incredible voice I think but it can be a little obnoxious. Or maybe that’s him.

    Who is the fourth girl judge? I don’t like the song she wrote.

    I like Kris. He’s simple and I loved the first song he sang. Anybody that can play the piano and sing beautifully is golden in my book. I guarantee he likes cupcakes!

    Good job on the cupcakes! #1 Mommy!

  5. Kate

    Home made cupcakes instead of running to the store???????????????? I’m impressed!!!

  6. Wow you back cupcakes and Panera. I am so impressed. I will take a green cupcake because I like double sprinkles. 🙂

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