All The Single Moms & Dads.

I wanted to title this post “All the Single Ladies,” but I just couldn’t make it work.  Another blog, another day. 

I’d like to introduce you to my friend, Kim Heinecke.  I met Kim in my bible study almost a year ago, and we instantly connected.  Our stories of divorce are similar.  And, our stories of how God healed our broken hearts are even more similar. 

I want you read her testimony.  Besides it being one of the most beautiful pieces of writing you will ever read, it will make you want to fall in love with your Father all over again – whether you’re single OR married. 

Kim writes:

“It is my testimony that when the Lord becomes the fountain of everything meaningful in your life – when He is your companion, your protector, your provider – you will never be lost or disappointed by what happens or doesn’t happen on your journey.”

Read Kim’s testimony here.  It’ll be the best thing you read today. 

I assure you.


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4 responses to “All The Single Moms & Dads.

  1. Wow….this blog was more like literature…very finely written…very precious…very powerful…

    So sad for Judy……that looks strange huh….

  2. renice

    Wow, straight to the heart. (tears, tears)

  3. Brenda

    Thanks Dusty! Her prayer is my prayer. I have found out the hard way that God is the ONLY one we can count on. No matter how much family or friends do or don’t do to try and help, without Him, you still are alone. So I have learned to place everything in the “God Box” since He knows what I need and His will for my life and only He sees the future and I REFUSE to take any of it back out. Then, the Peace came that I have never had.
    Thanks for sharing the blog. I really needed it today!

  4. Peggy

    awesome testimony ! Thanks for sharing it.

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