I Need To Choose Him More.

John Henry:  Why did God make us separated?

Me:  What do you mean?

John Henry:  Why is God in heaven, and He made us on earth?  Why didn’t He make us be together?

I admit.  John Henry’s question caught me by surprise.  Let’s see.  How do I answer this so a six-year old can comprehend?  I could take him back to the garden.  Of course, I risk losing him with that story.  So, I just explained it this way instead:

Had God made us in heaven with Him, we would have no choice but to pursue Him.  {How could we not pursue Him if we saw Him face to face?}  God wants us to CHOOSE Him.  So, here on earth, we have the choice to pursue Him.  We may not see Him, but His Spirit is here with us and inside of us. 

Our conversation continued.  And, I was suddenly overwhelmed by a God who wants more than anything for me to always choose Him. 

Come close to God, and God will come close to you.  James 4:8a


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8 responses to “I Need To Choose Him More.

  1. kris

    Thank goodness he asked you:). Luv and miss you!!!!

  2. Kris is just funny, but I would love to hear his answer…..awesome blog….awesome answer…:)

  3. ahhh, very nice post. i like your answer a lot!

  4. Kevin

    And I’m so glad He choose me first! Great question and answer!

  5. Kris Takle IS funny. And your answer would have been?

  6. Angela

    I love that God wants us to choose him. I also am glad to know that he is close. Thanks for the blog, I look forward to them.

  7. Brenda

    Great Answer…Don’t know what I would have answered if mine asked me at that age.

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