What NOT To Say To Your Pregnant Wife.

Me:  “Kris, my pants are already getting a bit snug.  Do you think it’s because I’m pregnant with my third and pushing 35?”

Kris:  “Babe, you have to realize…you were in GREAT shape when you got pregnant with John Henry and Anna.”

Me:  “Do you ever say things and wish you hadn’t have said them?”

It’s a good thing I love him.  And, walk in forgiveness.


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6 responses to “What NOT To Say To Your Pregnant Wife.

  1. Amy Hull Watson

    BAHHAAAHHA… can we say OUCH…
    Well, let me make you feel a little better there honey…

    I was looking at some pictures of me and Brian dating and one was of me laying out on the beach on my stomach. I said MAN I used to have a great “Booty” and he said. “Yea you will never see that again”…..
    DOUBLE OUCH.. hhahahhaa
    Good thing we love ummm….

  2. Peggy

    toooooo funny! Makes me think of that Cheerios commercial….”box says shut up”! Oh if we could all take back things w/ saying w/o engaging the brain and sensitivity.

  3. Peggy

    and the comment w/o proofing…things w/say…duh!

  4. Kim Oplotnik

    You make me smile, Dusty!!
    After I had Adam, I asked Jimmy if my shirt was too tight, with the “new” boobs and all…
    His reply,” No, but your jeans are.”
    His life has never been the same!!

  5. Wendy Verdon

    hahahhahaha!!!! These are all too funny.

    I was in great shape after my first one since I was only 19! But, when I had my 2nd at 37 – well, let’s just say it is not pretty, nope not at all! I guess if I worked out, it could be, but I don’t have time or energy for that!

  6. Michelle Riddle

    oh Dusty! As a Momma, you don’t just have to parent the little ones…do you? I bet you would never say anything to Kris about being in shape though, right? Boys, some things never change. What we do know is that Kris obviously still enjoys your “shape”…since you did get pregnant! 🙂 Enjoy pregnancy…

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