Finding New Ways To Connect.

I’m learning that how I connect with my children changes from year to year.  I used to always be able to connect with John Henry by simply snuggling with him on the sofa in front of a movie. 

Snuggling just isn’t cool.  Not always. 

When I read John Eldredge’s Wild At Heart almost seven years ago, I knew this day would come.  I knew one day, I would have to modify the way I nurture my son.  Because, he is a future warrior.  And, I want him to be comfortable being the man God created him to be.  So, I’ve had to find new ways to connect with him.

Here is one.

JH - Mom

Nothing says love like a fight with super soakers.

Especially for a six-year old boy.

JH - Mom 2

I’m pretty sure I won this round.  And, he can’t wait for a re-match. 

It’s my prayer that if I engage in things with him that he loves….in activities that make him feel good about being a young man, he will be comfortable sharing his heart. 

And, I want his heart more than I want his obedience.  Because, when I capture his heart, obedience simply follows. 

I am not a perfect mother to my son.  I fail often.  I think I probably fail far too often.  But, I don’t want to.  I want to take the time to put down my insignificant distractions and get soaked outside with my beautiful, blue-eyed boy.  God has entrusted me with John Henry.  And, I love him so, so very much.

What is one way you connect with your kids?


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13 responses to “Finding New Ways To Connect.

  1. I think they would say…I COOK FOR THEM LOL

  2. does fb and texting count?

  3. I’ve been known to engage in a sword fight or two myself. I ride dirt bikes and 4-wheelers and try to play video games on occasion. W.A.H. – a book for men, but in my opinion, a must read for women.

  4. We connect by phones, email, short visits now. I always enjoyed having a spend the night party with the girls, they had friends over, we popped popcorn, played music, watched, “Grease” lol, danced, were silly. You are a really good Mom Dusty, you had a great model of a Mom! Let JH soak you one time, lol

  5. Layna Fulop

    Awww…Well said, woman. I agree. Though it sounds like I need to read that book. My baby boy wants to do and be everything his sisters (and mommy) do/are. He even said not too long ago while we were discussing the differences between boys and girls that he wanted to “be a girl too.” That made me think for a minute…maybe in addition to all the snuggling (which I LOOOOOOVE, and he still loves too)…I should make a more concerted effort to play ball and puppies and jump on the trampoline more than I already do! Thanks for your insight. I know exactly how you feel. Love overflowing.

  6. Peyton

    I am the mother of a 12,13 and 14 year old. I agree that the way we connect with them changes as they change. It is no longer “cool” for me and my 14 year old to play barbies together 😦
    Here is a way that we bring that connection into our lives;
    We have Sundaes on Sunday night. We simply put out a smorgasboard of ice cream and all kinds of toppings. We turn off the TV and indulge in all our favorites!! We talk about what the week has in store for all of us, how we can manage to keep God in our day, every day that, week, and sometimes we end up in a bit of an ice cream fight!! We laugh, love and connect. I realize there may come a day when I have to modify this again but for now…it’s a great day that we ALL look forward to!!

  7. Gayla

    I needed to “hear” this…I connect with Sarah regularly. Sam is harder…I need to make more of an effort on a daily basis…I take him to the movies that he enjoys…I struggle with watching Naruto and Pokemon…

  8. Currently me and my lil ones connect while dancing to either the music at the end of some of our fav movies or commercials, or if the mood strikes us we’ll jus pop a cd in the music box and boogie on down. I know that this will change but I’m def trying to take adantage of this time, because Bri won’t dance w/ me at all. I know that I will def look back on these times as something crucial to the development of our relationship further down the road.

  9. Mom

    Well, I try to connect on any and every way possible, (which has always been so easy) But I think mostly, we talk about a “gazillion” times a day… I wouldn’t take anything in this world for my relationship with my beautiful daughter! Dusty, you are priceless and I love you very much!

  10. Julie

    I just make myself available. I am reachable 24/7 via cell phone. I NEVER cut it off. If my girls aren’t in the house with me, they KNOW that I have that phone literally beside me in the bathtub or bed. I never know when the urge will hit them to talk and open up so they know they can always talk to me in person or via phone.

  11. Brenda

    I text or FB or call and am always available like Julie said. I will take him on in a hand of Texas Hold’em, watch a ballgame with him, or scary movie, cook and watch him master the grill, go watch a ballgame with him, take him out to eat and sometimes he takes me, and make sure he knows just how much I love him and will do anything for him. As far as she is concerned, don’t get much time with her, just a text or email at present. Just keep praying!

  12. Brenda

    Did JH buy those super soakers with his tooth money(new business)? LOL!

  13. I know WAY more about the Houston Astros and the Manning boys than I would care to know if I didnt love 2 little boys so much.

    We play with these air disk guns that are so much fun, I almost cant stand it.

    And we play games and “trash” talk – I tell them I am going to spank them and send them crying home to their momma like tiny babies and then they giggle and usually say “nu-huh”….they are so witty, those 2 😉

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