Favorite Comment of the Week.

I love all of your comments on this here Randomness blog.  But, my favorite comment this week is courtesy of Judy.  For all you Twitter folk, that’s @judypyoung, mother of @thelanceyoung and @bonniespencer

In response to the post, “She Will As Soon As She Finishes Her Puzzle,” Judy comments:

“…when o when did I stop skating to my room????”

Seriously.  When did we stop skating to our room? 

Love her.

Happy Weekend!


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3 responses to “Favorite Comment of the Week.

  1. Mom

    Oh, that’s so Judy…..she can always make me laugh… So when did I stop skating???????

  2. Kevin R

    or when did we stop skipping? Singing?

  3. ;0…I love you too Grasshopper…

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