A Broken And A Contrite Heart.

I keep getting these e-mails about potential boarding schools.  I’ve yet to classify them as spam, you know, just in case.  Oh, I would never.  I could never. 

Could I?

No.  I love this insanely unpredictable saga I live with a husband, two kids, and a dog.  And, of course, baby number three forming as I type. 

Yesterday, I told you about our latest parenting issue with little Miss Takle.  But yesterday afternoon, I encountered a discipline issue with John Henry.  And, his response broke me.

He had mistreated his sister.  It was small stuff by most people’s terms.  But, we see treating each other the way Christ wants us to treat each other as big stuff. 

I sent him to his room.  I entered knowing that he would have to be disciplined.  After it was over, he fell in my arms, and wailed, “The things I did to my sister were wrong!”  His heartfelt repentance broke him.

It broke me.

I felt tears touching my shoulders, and I’m sure he felt tears touching his.  There are times when my children tell one another they are sorry, because we force it on them.  Then, there are moments like these where they are truly broken.  They experience true repentance. 

Later that evening, John Henry asked me to tell Kris what happened. 

“You want me to tell Dad?”  I asked him.

“Yes.  I want him to know,” he responded.

He doesn’t even understand the scripture of confessing your sins to one another, but he is already practicing it.  I couldn’t help but think.  When is the last time I felt that kind of repentance in my own heart?  Where I was really broken?  Am I that broken when I talk about someone behind their back?  When I mishandle someone?  When I sin against my Father? 

Lord, create in me a new heart.  Renew a right spirit within me.

Let me come before your throne with a heart of David.  And, understand, once again, the JOY of your salvation.   

The sacrifice you desire is a broken spirit.  You will not reject a broken and repentant heart, O God.  Psalm 51:17


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7 responses to “A Broken And A Contrite Heart.

  1. This one touched me big! As we impart to our kiddos, God imparts to us. So glad that JH has such a tender heart!

  2. dusty, that was our talk this week, we used this video. a must watch…. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8jgclJ_UVV0

    • Dusty Takle

      Just watched the video. Wow. Crying. Again. Imagine that. When I think how much I love John Henry no matter what he does, I’m overwhelmed with the picture of how much Christ loves me.

  3. My children may never know how much I have learned about the heart of the Father because I was their mother. Great post.

  4. Wow! The fact we will watch John Henry & Anna grow up into a man of God, and a woman of God, is awesome to see how they are trained, or enjoyed is the best Dusty & Kris!! Exciting! Great job, & Blog. Going to watch the video now!!

  5. Des

    You know, maybe the boarding school adds are targeted at you, not the kids. 😉

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