Teachable Moments.

My sweet seven year old came home from school yesterday a little more solemn than usual.  His sober demeanor eventually turned into a seemingly sour attitude.  By this point, I was pretty much over his crabbiness that was even evident in his silence.  I addressed his current position and told him, “There is no reason for your sour attitude.”  After all, we leave for the beach in a few short days.  Life is good for him.  What gives?

As I watched him attempt to compose himself, the thought of asking him what he may be feeling occurred to me.  There ya go, Mom. 

“John Henry, is there something bothering you?”  I finally engaged him.

His response flowed so effortlessly.  A friend had “told a lie about (him).” 

“He said I told him to write on the smart board, and I didn’t.”  He went on to explain.  “He tried to make something he did all my fault.”

I loved on my son and sympathized with him.  I told him how I know that hurts. 

After bedtime readings, we prayed.  I told John Henry we needed to forgive his friend. 

“How do I forgive him?  What do I do?”  He asked.

“You choose to still love him and be his friend.”  This was the best way I knew how to explain such a powerful act to a seven year old.

I reinforced with him that it was okay to still feel hurt.  But, he couldn’t let that hurt affect his friendship.

What if I had never asked John Henry, “Is there something bothering you?”  Perhaps, it was the Spirit’s prompting.  No matter what, I’m glad I didn’t just let it go.  I’m thankful I engaged my son.

Otherwise, I would have failed to acknowledge that he was hurting.

 And, I would have missed a teachable moment on forgiveness.


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7 responses to “Teachable Moments.


  2. I am always missing good moments with my son, cuz I misinterpret his hurt for crankiness. Being a mom is hard!!! Poor John Henry. Glad you listened!

  3. Mom

    I agree with Judy…..what’s his name….Nan is coming back to OKC SOOOOON! lol j/k

    What an awesome little boy, but more so, what an awesome Mom you are Dusty.. Have I told you lately Dusty, just how proud I am of you? You amaze me!

    Love you so much

  4. It must have been in the air yesterday. Kid One went to bed at 11.30 because I dared ask the same question at 9.30. Wow. Being in 6th grade is hard too.

    So glad GA is minus one Dusty Takle. 🙂

  5. Kevin

    OK Dusty, we are waiting for his name? Why…..um…..so we can pray for him?!?! =)

    Kim, wait until they become teenagers, then they come to you at 11:30 and it turns into 1:30, BUT at least they still come to you and that is a good thing!

  6. Brenda

    I am coming to OKC with Nan next time so I can MEET JH’s friend too lol!

  7. Wish I had learned that principle when my children were growing up. I just expected them to behave. Thankfully God has taught me how to listen and be concerned about feelings. Great job Dusty.

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