I’m Letting My Dad Hijack My Blog.

Dad wanted to guest blog, and post this earlier.  It just seemed it may appear, I don’t know, a little selfish on my part?  Anyhoo.  After several requests to read his gift and for posterity’s sake, here ya go.  He’s a great dad.  A really, great dad.

Happy Birthday to the most wonderful daughter in the world.

 35 Things I Love About You:

  1.  God gave you to your mother and me.

 2.  I love your laugh.

 3.  I love the way you interact with your children.

 4.  I love the way you love God.

 5.  I love your hair and how you wear it.

 6.  I love your Blogs.

 7.  I love talking with you.

 8.  I love seeing you with your bags and children at the airport.

 9.  I love the way you treat your mom and me.

10. I love how you worship God.

11. I love the way you treat your friends.

12. I love how generous you are.

13. I love the way you love the local church.

14. I love the way you encourage me.

15. I love the way you carry yourself with such dignity.

16. I love how you look at me when I’m preaching, as that’s not my dad but a man of God.

17. I love how you and your mom cherish each other.

18. I love how you stress out over the most trivial stuff sometimes.

19. I love going out to eat with you, especially at Red Rock and Chelinos.

20. I love how smart you are.

21. I love how you love Christmas.

22. I love how you talk about Big Mama.

23. I love how you uplift other people.

24. I love how you honor and respect your husband.

25. I love your honesty about yourself.

26. I love hearing other people say how much you mean to them.

27. I love being the most proud Dad on earth.

28. I love seeing you cry tears of compassion for people.

29. I love watching you buy someone else’s groceries when you are checking out.

30. I love how you love Dr. Takle and Christina.

31. I love playing Scrabble with you.

32. I love all the quality time you give us.

33. I love how much you have matured in OKC.

34. I love everything about you.

35. I love the fact that I could say a gazillion more things.



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10 responses to “I’m Letting My Dad Hijack My Blog.


  2. What a gift Dusty!! Loved reading the things your Dad loves about you!! What a treasure you will always have to cherish! Relationships are so good, but children and their parents is the Best! Happy Birthday! Thank you for sharing!!

  3. peytonspence

    Amazing!!! God has given you an amazing gift…a “Dad” like that!! Happy Birthday!!

  4. michel

    Gaaahhleee that pawpaw bur! That’ll bring a tear to a glass eye. So sweet.

  5. Um, the tears are flowing over here. What a precious note that I’m sure you will treasure forever!

  6. awww! my dad better do that for me one day. or mom. ahem, parents?

    i love the “i love how you wear your hair” part..that is just cute! 🙂

  7. Bonnie

    That’s my Bur…..I LOVE that you always find the very BEST in everything!!! And I miss you all soooo much!!!

  8. Brenda

    That was the BEST gift ANYBODY could have given you! You are SO blessed and such a blessing! He forgot the “Stinkiest Feet” part , though! LOL! Love ya and now for:
    #36 I LOVE how you and Kris and the whole Takle Clan are a part of our family too!

  9. Shannon

    That is the sweetest thing I’ve ever read!

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