I Don’t Drive 35.

It’s true.  I’m 35 years old today.  I don’t feel a day older than 34 ½.  When my mom was 35 years old, she had a sixteen year old.  Wha?  It appears I’ll be 40 with a 5 year old.  I’ve heard having children a little later in life doesn’t keep you young, but it keeps you active.


I’m chilling an expensive bottle of Welch’s Grape Juice to celebrate tonight.  Should be a total blast.  I’d invite you all to my party, except there isn’t one.  I’m not bitter.  And, don’t y’all run out and get me something….until, I get you my correct address. 

Thirty-five.  35.  THIRTY-FIVE! 

Here are 35 random things I’ve learned in 35 years. 

1. When a toilet appears clogged, don’t flush it just to see what happens.

2. Don’t spend money you don’t have unless you really can’t live without those Ugg boots.  And, you can’t.  Trust me.  Wait, is that bad advice?

3. Take your sunglasses off when a police officer pulls you over for speeding.  I’m just sayin’. 

4. Put your preferred thing to do aside, and play Sorry! with your kids.  Even if it does take FOR-EVER.

5. Suck it up.  It’s not always about you.

6. Forgive.  Immediately.

7. Go get your child out of bed on occasion, and put her in bed with you.  Just because you want to snuggle.  She is your child.  And, the years do fly by.

8. Pride doesn’t work well in a marriage.  Humble yourself, and speak kindly.

9. Trust in the Lord with all your heart.  Lord knows, I can’t lean on my own understanding.

10. It’s usually not as bad as it seems.

11. My husband is a terrible mind-reader, but he can make some mean cinnamon rolls.

12. Surround yourself with positive people.  Even funny people.  They make life bearable.

13. Listen intently to your little ones now, so they’ll share their heart when they are older.

14. Mosquitoes are aggravatin’.  Always.

15. Nothing good happens after midnight.  Get to where you’re gonna get by 12am. (Thank @jburengoss for that one.)

16. Whenever you feel disconnected from your Creator, do whatever you’ve gotta do to reconnect.  And fast.

17. Never say never.  It’s a very long time.

18. Honor your mom and dad for as long as you live.

19. I never want to exercise.  Ever.  But, I’m always happy I did.  *I need to remember this more often.*

20. Friends are great investments.

21. Junior Mints are always a good idea.

22. So is sweet tea.

23. And listening to Sting.

24. Meeting Sting is one of my favorite moments ever.

25. Right up there with graduating from college.  For real.

26. My Big Mama makes the best biscuits.  And, she makes me laugh.  I wish I could spend more time with her.

27. Divorce is hell.  Period.

28. Communicate, communicate, communicate with your spouse.  But, learn how to communicate the right way.

29. In all my travels and life experiences, I’ve seen nothing more beautiful than the birth of my children.

30. Contentment is bliss. 

31. Being with family is, too.

32. I love the local church.  Love it.  I’m so thankful for the Sunday experience with body of Christ.  Nothing refills your tank quite like it.

33. My prayer life is essential.

34. So is living a life of gratitude. *Though, I need gentle reminders of this.*

35.  And, I continue to learn how wide and long and high is the love of Christ.

I could add to this list.  So could you.

Wanna share sumpin’ you’ve learned?


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21 responses to “I Don’t Drive 35.

  1. Happy birthday my friend Dusty! You are awesome!

  2. Bonnie

    Happy Birthday, my friend!! So proud and happy everytime I get to tell people about you. You are an amazing soul!! Love you BIG!!!

  3. Vickie

    Happy Birthday Dusty. Wish I was there to share your Welch’s grape juice! 35 … sooo young! Love you!

  4. Jenny

    Happy Birthday!!

  5. My mom quotes the midnight one to me….still….

    Happy birthday you beautiful girl!!

    I would add – there is nothing sexier than your man holding your baby….

  6. Wow, you learned alot! Just think another 35 years you will have so much more to add! Great blog! You are a blessing shared with many! Have a great celebration, I am celebrating you!! Much love!

  7. kris

    Happy birthday my love and I will promise to always try harder at our marriage.

  8. OK …KRIS WON THE BEST COMMENT!!!!…Happy birthday Grasshopper…you may of had a “Broken Road” or so, but you have lived a “Wonderful Life”…you value the right things and God is gonna be good to you….hope you have a dreamy day….I love you so very much and am so proud of the Godly woman you are…….:)

  9. Brenda

    Be glad you will be a Mother of a 5 year old at age 40 and not pregnant with twins! Happy Birthday, Durstee!

  10. seth floyd

    Happy birthday, highschool-lunch-buddy! Welcome to 35. I hit the “new 25” a few days ago myself.

  11. I’ve learned that if I have leftover birthday cookie at my house, I will indeed eat it.

    Darn you, DT.

  12. Susan Elliott-Kinsey

    Happy Birthday Dusty! I hope you have a wonderful day filled with birthday kisses because they truly are the best. Especially when they’re covered with cake icing 🙂
    It was 11 with my Daddy…and still is.
    Don’t call my Daddy after 10 p.m. unless someone is dead. And he liked them. And he cares that they’re dead.
    When you go to visit your son at college, and you start cleaning up his room, STOP. Remember how it felt when your Mom did it to you. And apologize…immediately. You’re there to see him, not his room 🙂
    Those are a few things I’ve learned as a 42 year old with a 4 year old 🙂

  13. HAPPY BIRTHDAY DUSTY!!! You are a wonderful woman.

  14. Margaret

    Happy, happy birthday.. Love ya, Margaret

  15. Ron

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Thanks for sharing…if I had ever could have picked a sister,,,you would be her…

  16. Dusty Takle

    Thanks to alla y’all! Love ya! Mean it!

  17. Doug

    Happy B-Day Ruffles.

  18. Gayla

    Happy Birthday, my friend, and fellow mother. I hope that you have had a wonderful day!!!! I was 36 1/2 when my Sarah was born…they might not keep you young….but they do keep you young-at-heart.

  19. Ok, on that first one, I totally do that! Every time I just pray it miraculously flushes so I don’t have to get the smelly plunger.

    It never does.

  20. Brenda

    Happy Birthday, Sandy Baby! Welcome to Walmart!
    Love ya, Lisa Rae

  21. Des

    Happy Bday, and yes I’d like to add to your list; some of these I copied from others;

    Trust your gut. It will very rarely steer you wrong.

    No matter what you believe today, most of your friends will fall away over time. Those who remain for the long haul are precious.

    Honesty is still the best policy especially if it’s delivered respectfully and gently.

    Having a few regrets isn’t such a bad thing; they serve as reminders to do things differently next time.

    Apologize. Enough said.

    If you still don’t know what you want to be when you grow up, don’t sweat it. You can decide later and change your mind often after that.

    Duct tape is overrated, but it will hold up a fallen hem.

    When the big, bad world gets you down, know that there are many good, decent people out there, too. Life will always be about balance.

    When it’s hard to wake up, recall that it’s proof that you’re alive. Pondering the alternative will open your eyes the rest of the way.

    Create bonding rituals with those you love; the strength you gain may be your only sustenance in difficult times.

    People seldom change. If you can’t accept them as they are, spare yourself an ulcer and move on.

    Work isn’t everything. Neither is sex or winning. But holding hands comes close.

    Deep down, people just want to feel capable and lovable. If you can make them feel that way, you’ll have them eating out of your hands.

    Four words: luggage with huge wheels.

    Learn to accept a compliment gracefully. A smile and simple “thank you” will do.

    Some people do act like jerks, but it’s probably healthier for you to feel sorry for them than angry at them.

    Go easy on yourself. Some days, you’re the only one who will.

    Good cooking, polished manners, passable golf, and excellent typing skills will still get you pretty far.

    Be who you are. Who else could you be?

    Be present. Be grateful. Be awed.

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