Heart Surgery.


That’s my ugly issue.

Pride can come in different forms.  But, at the end of the day, it’s all self-centeredness. 

My stuff reveals itself when I stress over finding the perfect outfit to wear for an event.  Or, when I stress over the idea that people expect me to perform at a certain level.  Or, when I want to make sure I give the perfect gift.  Or, when I want more stuff than I already have – which is, I’m certain, more than I need.

It’s all pride. 

And, there is nothing holy about it.

I wish my issue was a bit more noble.  Of course, I suppose any unholy stuff we got goin’ on isn’t exactly noble.

But still.

This is my stuff.

And, I’ve let God open up my heart and operate.

Because, more than anything else on this earth, I want to be more like Him. 

I want to live beyond myself.

Beyond my pride.

Beyond me.

Less of me.  More of Him.

Is there anything more important than that?


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3 responses to “Heart Surgery.

  1. You are a blessing! Pride is alot of people’s issue. Mine too at times. Mine comes in a different way, like when things don’t go my way or someone cuts me off on the road…but like you…God is working in me. Luv you!

  2. I understand this totally. I never thought I was all that prideful since I am, in general, very insecure. But that is a pride issue in itself.

    Love ya. You’re not alone.

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