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She Gave All She Had.

The Holy Spirit doesn’t always work in us the way we think He might.  When I decided to surrender this pride thing, I was surprised how God chose to deal with it.  One very large way He has operated, if you will, is by breaking my heart for others in need.  Giving in the past has always been easy.  Even a no-brainer.  It was easy to write a check and make things better for someone in need.  And, it wasn’t that I was without compassion.  I just didn’t truly have an understanding of what it means to be broken for people less fortunate. 

I was reminded of the story where Jesus is teaching at the temple in Jerusalem where He witnessed the rich men’s donations.  But, it was one widow who gave two mites that caught His attention.

The others gave out of their abundance.  This widow gave everything she had.

And, not just financially.  She surrendered her whole self and everything she possessed. 

This especially went to straight to the heart of Christ.  Because, in a few short days, He would give everything He had on a cross.

I don’t want to just give out of my abundance.  I want to give out of my want.  Out of my hurt.  I want to give no matter what place I’m in.

That’s what Christ modeled for us.

I’m still learning to live a life fully surrendered. 

Are you?


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Heart Surgery.


That’s my ugly issue.

Pride can come in different forms.  But, at the end of the day, it’s all self-centeredness. 

My stuff reveals itself when I stress over finding the perfect outfit to wear for an event.  Or, when I stress over the idea that people expect me to perform at a certain level.  Or, when I want to make sure I give the perfect gift.  Or, when I want more stuff than I already have – which is, I’m certain, more than I need.

It’s all pride. 

And, there is nothing holy about it.

I wish my issue was a bit more noble.  Of course, I suppose any unholy stuff we got goin’ on isn’t exactly noble.

But still.

This is my stuff.

And, I’ve let God open up my heart and operate.

Because, more than anything else on this earth, I want to be more like Him. 

I want to live beyond myself.

Beyond my pride.

Beyond me.

Less of me.  More of Him.

Is there anything more important than that?


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