I Was On Fire!

Growing a person has been going well with the exception of the recent onset of this burning sensation in my chest better known as heartburn.

For the love.

Initially, I refused to believe that my food choices could possibly contribute to this annoying, sleepless irritation.  After all, why would I want to give up my diet of unlimited chips and queso and Junior Mints?  I mean, who does that? 

Apparently me. 

That’s right folks.  I’m on day three of eating healthy.  And, inhaling Zantac and Tums.  If I make it to the weekend choosing an apple over that dark chocolate goodness with a soft minty center, then that is nothing short of a miracle.

And, my sweet John Henry has already asked me twice, “Mom, are you hurting?”  He follows it up with, “I prayed for you.”

Seriously, could I be more blessed?  My kids are such sweet reminders that regardless of my current discomfort, I’m going to have another little person who lights up my world.

But, then?  Momma is done.  D-O-N-E.  I will work those particulars out with Mr. Takle at a later, more private setting.  No sense in frightening him right now.  Especially, since he will eventually read this.  And, I’m sure he’d prefer me not discuss such personal matters here.  If I had a dollar for every time he’s followed up a comment or situation with “Do NOT blog or Twitter this”…..Well, I’d have a lot of dollars.

Oh, the stories I could tell.

But won’t.

‘Cause I’m pretty fond of being married.

Know what I mean?


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3 responses to “I Was On Fire!

  1. Karen

    Oh my, does that sound familiar. After a particularly less than intelligent move, I hear the same thing. Not the Twitter part, but still.

    I’ll mourn your abstinence from Junior Mints as I raid the snack size Almond Joys left over from Halloween.

  2. heather head

    I suffered terrible indigestion with all three of mine. Took up to two zantac a day with my youngest. He is when I decided I was DONE too. I knew the moment I found out I was pregnant this would be my last, didn’t care if it was my first boy or third girl. Thank God he was my first and only boy!!!

  3. Brenda

    Know where you are coming from, Sista! Live with Severe GERDS and nausea EVERY minute of EVERY day and I am not even pregnant!

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