Good Thing I Didn’t Attempt the Backbend at Gymnastics.

Me:  I am so tired, and I haven’t even written my post yet.

Kris:  Well, you better get busy.

Me:  I just don’t know where to begin right this minute.  I should’ve spent more time with Jesus today.

And, that’s the honest conversation that occurred right before my fingers got to tappin’ on this here keyboard. 

Truth is, I haven’t read the first scripture today.  The only prayers I’ve prayed are the ones I pray every day over my children.  But, to say, I “should’ve spent more time with Jesus today” is probably an unfair statement. 

Because, He is always right here.  Beside me.  Probably wanting to snatch that Little Debbie Christmas Tree Cake right out of my hands.  He doesn’t, because even He knows you don’t take food from a woman. 

I did listen to some praise and worship music while I peeled potatoes this afternoon.  You read that right.  I COOKED DINNER.  And, I did think about His goodness while using that incredible invention called the peeler.  Is that what it’s called? 

So, my previous unfair statement I made to my husband reminded me of the little book I read this summer called, “The Practice of the Presence of God.”  It’s the acknowledging of Christ in the everyday routine.  In the peeling of the potatoes.  In the Parents’ Day at Anna’s gymnastics class where she insisted I jump into the foam pit, too.

I did.

I acknowledged the Lord Jesus Christ when I finally made it out of that thing knowing I could not have gotten out of there without Him. 

But, I still love those intentional moments where I open His book of treasures – or my nifty YouVersion application on my iPhone.  Moments where I pray, “Lord, reveal something new about YOU to me today.”

Then, there are moments where I don’t even have to pray that prayer.  He just reveals Himself without me even asking Him to.

Because, we are in a relationship.  And, He NEVER leaves my side.

He doesn’t leave yours either, ya know?


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3 responses to “Good Thing I Didn’t Attempt the Backbend at Gymnastics.

  1. You Version is so awesome. It’s so easy to take my phone out and read the Bible. I used it in church a couple of weeks ago and someone gave the “stink eye” to me. They thought i was texting or something. Stink eye, ha! I am not sure what the stink eye is, I just like the way it sounds.

  2. Such a revelation Dusty of God’s presence where ever we go, where ever we are…by just being aware He is with us. I know He is, but in trials, in testings, it is a time of drawing closer to Him, if we have to go and allow someone to help guide us there. It was an awesome blog!! !!

  3. I’m so proud. You peeled potatoes. Seriously, try the Ore Ida steam and mash. You, my friend, will LOVE them.

    I love that He is always near me. I wish I was just always paying attention.

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