Deeper Still.

What do you get when you have Kay Arthur, Beth Moore, and Priscilla Shirer all in one room together?  Well, certainly not a lack of knowledge of the Bible. 

Lord. Have. Mercy.

I enjoyed a great weekend with a few my BS’ers, er, Bible Study gals, at the Deeper Still conference in OKC.  We had intended on eating a nice dinner in Bricktown prior to the event on Friday, but by the time we parked, time was a tickin’.  Call me spoiled, but concession nachos and cheese are not my idea of a satisfying meal.  A Little Debbie Christmas Tree Cake maybe.  But, not nachos.  When we were crossing the street downtown, my friend, Deleise, said, “I smell steak, and it makes me sad.”  I suddenly had a strange feeling come over me that we must be sisters. 

Deleise and I have a lot in common.  She is a reallllly good cook, and I reallllly love good food.   

Anyhoo, back to Deeper Still. 

Kay Arthur taught the book of Hebrews Friday night.  The WHOLE book of Hebrews.  So, if y’all have any questions on Hebrews, feel free to call me.  I’ll tell you to call Kay Arthur. 

I was most excited to hear Beth Moore until Mrs. Priscilla took the stage.  I triple heart her.  She said a whole lotta goodness, but I especially loved this statement:

“Whether God chooses to do something is a question of His sovereignty, not His ability.”

I always think of Job when I think of the sovereignty of God.  You know, the whole “where were you” speech.  But key in it all is to never stop praying.

Let’s say that again.

Never stop praying.

Don’t grow weary in praying for that thing you keep praying for.  Even when it seems God is not answering.  Or even hearing ya.  Heavens, how long did Elijah pray for rain?  I can’t remember for sure, you’ll have to ask my daddy or Kay Arthur, but I know it was a long time.

Just remember, He can do anything.

And, what concerns you concerns Him.  You can put God in a box.  But your box will not limit Him.  It will just limit your awareness of Him.

He’s bigger than your problem.

And, He is able.


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3 responses to “Deeper Still.

  1. So glad it was great.

    Next to Jesus praying for me in John 17, my next fave is God’s talkin’ to Job…. Brace yourself….yeah right, God, you going to give me a talkin’ to, I am going to need more than bracin’ – This little puddle right here is me 🙂

    Sorry – I digress – God just absolutely, entirely, ROCKS!!

  2. Wonderful blog Dusty! I love Kay Arthur, Beth Moore, never heard Priscilla Shirer, but I am sure she was good!

    Your Daddy read the part in Job yesterday, when God asked Job, “Where were you?…….It was awesome!! Thank you for a great, great blog!!

  3. Remember when you said how thankful you were to have sat under really good teaching your entire life? I was thinking about that after the weekend is over. Loved hearing those women, but I am so thankful I don’t have to wait for Kay, Beth and Pricilla to come to OKC to hear some good teaching. Most of the stuff that comes out of your and Natalie’s mouths pretty much blows me away. And really, I’m not that easily impressed. =)

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