Ride the Wave.

Annnddd, my favorite pic of the week….

“Eh…I’m pretty much awesomer than Superman.”

And, he is.  No doubt.

A big thank ya to Aunt Brenda for taking this pic at the soccer field. 

In the disappointment newsroom, I asked my sweet husband yesterday if he read my blog post.  His response:

“I think you lost your coat this morning.”

I found it.  Quickly.  Okay, I found it an hour or so later.  I was a much happier momma once I put it back on.  Perhaps a better caption for the above photo is:

Jett:  “So, women lose their coats a lot?”

Dad:  “Yeah, they do son.  You just gotta ride the wave.”

Have a great weekend, y’all.


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2 responses to “Ride the Wave.

  1. I love the face on Jett, soooooo much!!! Loved the blog, cute, cute!! You are much cuter!! Mwah, hugs, double hugs!

  2. Loooovvvedd the picture of Jett!! Yes, he is much awesomer than Superman!! ha ha!

    Loved how you share, love who you are, love your family, love your blogs!!!! Love, love, love!

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