Sweet November.

And, you are still the perfect shoulder to fall on.

Happy Birthday to my keep you laughing all the live long day husband and daughter.

Life without you two wouldn’t be nearly the fun.

I love you both.


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6 responses to “Sweet November.

  1. Brenda

    Happy Birthday Anna and Kris! Love you both bunches!

  2. Ok – my first thought was “Jett was so cute as a bunny”

    And then when I realized it was Anna, I thought “What a cutie pie. Whew, glad that wasnt Jett because now it looks like a girlie bunnie” 😉

    Glad you are blogging! I still so miss you!

  3. Girl……you are living proof that “God restores what the enemy steals”…..I know you are thankful for Kris….WE ALL ARE….:)….HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANNA AND KRIS…<3

  4. Dusty, I had forgotten Anna was born the day after Kris’s birthday!! What a blessing that will always be to her!! I was born the day before my Dad’s birthday, it was always special, a true treasure!! A special set aside time for them to celebrate each other together!!!! Awesome!! Loved the pictures, Kris is absolutely a great guy to me too!! He always smiles, Anna does too!!

  5. Darlene

    Love it ~ she is going to have SUCH a phenom perspective of a Heavenly Father because of how her earthly daddy is with her. Loving, kind, stern when needed. Yup….a great way to start the festive holiday season – with birthdays of two special people!

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