I’m A New Wife! Again!

I’ve never really considered myself the nagging wife. 

Until, I recently realized I had become a nagging wife.

What?  Me?  Yes!  Me!

I’m married to a pilot man.  You know this.  I started noticing that when he was out and about burning holes in the skies, I missed him.  I didn’t miss what he does for me while he’s here.  Just the person, Kris Takle.  My husband.  A sweet kind of miss.  The kind where you send the sweetest text messages and say the sweetest things on the phone. 

Well, this doesn’t sound like nagging.  Of course, it doesn’t. 

Enter nagging.

Pilot man comes home.  I forget how much I missed him and focus on his flight bag on our bedroom floor.  Unpacked.  Then, I notice how we need to spruce up our landscaping.  And, I notice that he doesn’t notice this.  And, his laptop on my kitchen counter?  Really? 

Pick.  Pick.  Pick. 

I fail to notice a husband who tells me how beautiful I am.  I fail to notice a man who desires me, encourages me, and builds me up.

Why?  Because, I’m so focused on what he’s not doing, I am blurring everything good out.

I recognize this in myself.  I hate this in myself.  I hate that I am doing this to the man I love.  To the man who loves me.  So, I tell him.  We talk it out.  And, make a commitment to stop.

Stop the nagging.  Stop the complaining.  Stop noticing what he doesn’t do or see.

So, what if it takes me an extra twenty minutes a day to clean up a little more after him?  What’s twenty minutes?  Or, what if I just resolve that his laptop on the kitchen counter is okay?  And, his unpacked bag can wait? 

What if?

My marriage will be better, because, I’m not selling out to small foxes.  And, that sweet miss for him when he is gone will be even sweeter when he returns home. 

I will be happier.  He will be happier.  And, our love will stay sweeter. 

I’m not exactly sure how this pattern of behavior began for me.  But, I am definitely sure that it needed to end.  Because, I am blessed.  And, I LOVE that man.


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8 responses to “I’m A New Wife! Again!

  1. I would rather have my husband’s socks to pick up than to not have this man and his sock’s at all!

    Good woman – its all about perspective!

  2. Layna

    Girrrrrrrrl. Insert ‘Layna’ and ‘Michael’ in there (and I s’pose “music man”)…and you’ve got my EXACT situation. So true. Soooooooo true. I’m RIGHT THERE with ya.

    I’m going to be better too. Thanks. ❤

    • Dusty Takle

      I’m a work in progress, myself. And, it was amazing how many times I bit my tongue today after posting this. But, glory, I did! And, Kris Takle says, “Amen!”

  3. Great insight Dusty, great stirring of reminders to appreciate what we have!! I just love the manner of how you share, it helps others “check” to see if there is something similar in their lives. Critical times are sometimes unrecognizable…hmmm..love your blog!!

  4. Darlene

    This work in progress needed this timely reminder. So thanks friend for being willing to “air” this dirty laundry…..to make us better wives….Proverbs 31 kinda wives! Love ya!

  5. marla

    Gotta start reminding myself of all the blessings that we have as a family instead of focusing on that deck I want covered or that lightbulb that needs changing…one day when it’s all said and done the deck nor the lightbulb will be very important. Thanks for the perspective check Dusty.

  6. Felicity

    Beautiful. Thanks for your honesty in sharing a deep struggle that many women don’t recognize until it’s too late. This inspires me!

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