Who You Are.

Apparently, I am not a Libra.  And, you are not who you think you are either.  In case you missed the overnight changes in Astrology, you can read about it here.  Honestly, I am not a follower of my sign, and I’m not about to debate its legitimacy with you.  A) I’m not that smart.  B)  I really don’t care.  ALL of this to share a funny text conversation with my foxy pilot:

Me:  “You’re not a Scorpio any more.  You’re a Libra!”

Kris:  “How come?  Was I born in a different month, and my momma lied?” 

Me:  “No. The Zodiac signs shifted and changed last night.”

Kris:  “Says who?  The Zodiac Czar?”

Me:  “You are all of the Zodiac signs to me, babe.”

Kris:  “Well, I hope I’m still an Ox at the Chinese restaurant.”

I swear he makes me laugh ALL OF THE TIME. 

On a more serious note.  Some of you really aren’t who you think you are.  After yesterday’s post, I was flooded with e-mails and messages from many of you asking me to pray for you. 

I did.  And, my prayers for you did not cease last night.  When I commit to pray for you, I really do.

I can’t tell you what it did to my heart to read your hurts.  Your fears.  Your struggles.  Your what ifs.  I think what broke me most were the few who really don’t see that God wants good things for them.  And, that God’s promises are as much for them as the next person.

So, some of you really aren’t who you think you are. 

But, you ARE who GOD says you are.  And, He says He loves you so much that He watched His son suffer for you.  He says you are so valuable to Him that He knows how many hairs are on your head.  He says you are such the apple of His eye that He pursues you Himself. 

He LOVES you.  And, there is nothing you can do to change that. 

May we all run after Him the way He runs after us. 

And, have a GREAT weekend.


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6 responses to “Who You Are.

  1. @shammond

    You brightened my day with this one. I often wonder if I am instilling this in my children as we incorporate Christ into our daily lives. Gotta share this one. Christmas Day. Miles (12) says, “Mom, I just want to tell you something I learned from you that is the coolest ever.” I am certain it has to do with Santa stuff and how I am moderate with material things. Nope. Miles says, “You told me to never turn down an opportunity to be kind to someone because you never know what they may be going through.” Yep, I cried and thanked God and declared it the BEST CHRISTMAS EVUH!!!!

  2. It was quite a powerful moment realizing the girl/woman I have prayed for since she was 3, was actually praying for me now …love you Grasshopper….

    • Dusty Takle

      Judy, I could not sleep last night. I prayed until 2:30am. I am getting all my prayers out in the day time today 🙂

      Sent from Dusty’s iPhone

  3. Darlene

    Knowing I have you praying for me is humbling and exhilarating at the same time. If that makes sense. Knowing that He loves me beyond measure is what will give me the ability to overcome this hurdle that has presented itself.

  4. Great blog, I am trying to get it what God means…I know He loves me more than I knew at the beginning, when I got saved, in 1986, but still don’t understand it like I need to. Love the humor from you and Kris! Love the blog, love the prayers, encouragement! And I have a plan for lunch Monday with a good friend, Dutch. haha! Love you Dusty!

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