Becoming Aware of Him.

I love Him.  Not just the Hands that provide for me.  Not just the Voice that guides me.  Not just the Arms that calm me.  I love HIM.

His character.  WHO He is. 

Because, He is holy, I want to be holy.  Because, He is love, I want to be love.  Because, He is light, I want to be light.

I want more of Him.

I don’t want more of the same.  The same never moves you forward.

And, I’m learning that the more aware I become of Him moment by moment, the more my life changes.  I think differently.  I respond differently.  I see people differently.

Because, as you become more aware of Him, the more you will look at people on the heart.  You will see past their messiness.  You will see past their emotional baggage.  And, you will see the root of their pain.  And, compassion will flow.

And, then, God just might use you to be the vessel from which He pours out His healing.

You don’t have to emotionally invest into all of the people around you.  But, you sure better see every person as valuable.  We are not FROM God.

We are OF God. 

Read that again.

We are OF God. 

To not see another’s worth is to not see the worth of our Creator.

And, how awesome that God pinched off a piece of Himself and placed it in each of us?  How awesome that the more we get to know His character, the more we emanate that character?

And, yes, I realize how broken my thoughts seem on this post.  This is one reason I have found it so difficult to write lately.  He is breaking me, growing me, expanding me, and stretching me in ways that are shaking up my world. And, I don’t know how to communicate it well.

Not yet.

But, I will.

I know I will.


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3 responses to “Becoming Aware of Him.

  1. Susan B. Elliott

    Wow! That gave me chill bumps. We are OF Him. That kind of changes the perspective doesn’t it? Thanks for sharing Dusty!

  2. I totally understand, Dusty. That’s what I have been thinking about the past couple of days. In fact, I was sharing with a friend yesterday that it’s funny how He gives us what we need sometimes before we even realize we need it. He brings a challenge into my life that actually seems to brighten it. It’s just what I needed. I guess it’s like the expression, “You can’t see the forest for the trees.” Since He sees the big picture, He has a better view. So, He knows better than we do what we need. And, what He provides is beyond anything we could’ve imagined. So, because we’ve been blessed, we should want to bless others. And, we’ve been forgiven. We should want that for them as well. We’ve all sinned. We’ve all experienced pain. Rather than judging, we should show them His love. So, thanks for this post as a reminder. 🙂

  3. Dusty, I saved this blog to read when I could see more than a blur. it was so good and you have stirred up in me something that I want to experience more of too. I have thought many times as I sang the song at Church, “Break my heart for what breaks yours” that even as my Mom was alive and I knew I was about my Mom, and when we would sing the song, “He is jealous of me” I knew He knew I was absorbed by my Mom, the responsibility, the feelings of being overwhelmed. I knew it robbed my peace with Him. Thank you for bringing focus back during this grief. My eyes are open to Him and Hi s love. love you!

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