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Becoming Aware of Him.

I love Him.  Not just the Hands that provide for me.  Not just the Voice that guides me.  Not just the Arms that calm me.  I love HIM.

His character.  WHO He is. 

Because, He is holy, I want to be holy.  Because, He is love, I want to be love.  Because, He is light, I want to be light.

I want more of Him.

I don’t want more of the same.  The same never moves you forward.

And, I’m learning that the more aware I become of Him moment by moment, the more my life changes.  I think differently.  I respond differently.  I see people differently.

Because, as you become more aware of Him, the more you will look at people on the heart.  You will see past their messiness.  You will see past their emotional baggage.  And, you will see the root of their pain.  And, compassion will flow.

And, then, God just might use you to be the vessel from which He pours out His healing.

You don’t have to emotionally invest into all of the people around you.  But, you sure better see every person as valuable.  We are not FROM God.

We are OF God. 

Read that again.

We are OF God. 

To not see another’s worth is to not see the worth of our Creator.

And, how awesome that God pinched off a piece of Himself and placed it in each of us?  How awesome that the more we get to know His character, the more we emanate that character?

And, yes, I realize how broken my thoughts seem on this post.  This is one reason I have found it so difficult to write lately.  He is breaking me, growing me, expanding me, and stretching me in ways that are shaking up my world. And, I don’t know how to communicate it well.

Not yet.

But, I will.

I know I will.


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Careful What You Say. What You Write. What You Type.

I’m pretty sure I’ve written on this topic before.  After talking to a friend about a text message her daughter received, I felt compelled to write about it again. 

When I was around 10 or 11 years old, I sat down and wrote a letter to a girl who was a few years older than me.  It was an ugly letter.  I was upset with her for seemingly taking away my best friend.  I said things like, “You think you’re it.  You’re not.” 

The letter never reached her hands.  My parents found it first.  Thankfully.  Let’s say they were less than happy.  A lot less. 

They sat me down and read the letter to me.  I can remember my dad using the word “arrogant” to describe my character in writing that.  They addressed my spiritual life.  They addressed my character.  They addressed it all. 

You see, my parents cared about how I treated other people – regardless, of how they treated me.  And, revenge is another post I plan on sharing soon.

Fast forward to 2010.  My friend shares with me how her daughter received a very demeaning text message.  She was asked to forward that text to others.  She didn’t.  Her mother saw it first.  But so many parents today turn a blind eye to, or even worse, join in with the cruel words their children and teenagers communicate to others. 

They write ugly messages on someone else’s Myspace page or Facebook wall.  They send nasty text messages.  They leave behind them a path of destruction for that victim to walk through. 

And, it’s grossly wrong. 

We as parents must be more concerned with our children’s character and spiritual growth than we are with their talents in school or sports.  We must be aware of the words coming out of their mouths and being typed by their fingers. 

We simply must.

The girl I wrote that letter to would commit suicide a few years later. 

So thankful I didn’t leave her in my path of destruction.  And, thankful I had parents who cared about my character.


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Touching them all.

This is 6 minutes but well worth the time….when you have it.

“It’s a great moment when someone has character to step up and do the right thing at the right time.”  Pam Knox, Head Coach Western Oregon


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