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Confessions Made Easy.

Confession is hard.  Especially when you’re five.  But, this time, I made it easy when I found old, dried grapes in our hallway coat closet.  Yes.  Grapes. 

Me:  Who put grapes in the closet?

John Henry:  It wasn’t me!

Me:  Anna?

Anna:  It wasn’t me!

Me:  Anna, just tell me now.  Did you put grapes in the closet?

Anna:  Hmmm.  Are you gonna be mad?

Me:  No.

Anna:  Am I gonna be in trouble?

Me:  (Smiling) No.

Anna:  Okayyy.  It was me.

I didn’t even want to know why.

Sometimes, our kids just need a break.  They need, well, the unmerited favor of their mom and dad, too. 

So, she got it. 

Do you need to show a little more mercy sometimes?


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