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We ARE The Church.

This weekend, Pastor Craig Groeschel explained that Christ-followers looking to the church to meet all of their needs is bad theology.  This wasn’t the first time I’ve heard this said, and I’ve always agreed with the statement.  But, God decided to mess me up with it about 2:00 am Sunday morning.  Not sure why we couldn’t talk at a more decent hour, but I’m not one for arguing with the giver of life.  At least, not on Sunday. 

At first, these thoughts started sweeping through my mind:

When did we become such consumers in our faith that we sit on the edges of our seats waiting for that one song to make us engage in worshipping our Creator?  Or that one message that would solidify our spiritual journey or give us that tingling feeling to make us go home feeling good about ourselves? 

As if the transforming power of “For God so loved the world that He gave” isn’t enough? 

I do not take for granted creative ways for reaching lost people.  I believe using whatever means we have to lead people to Christ.  And, while we as Christ-followers enjoy the media driven, smoke and lights presentation, it’s not really for us.

The church is not here for us.  We are the church.  And, we exist for the world.

After I began to process all of these thoughts, God began to talk to me about how I parent my children.  I love giving to my children.  I will continue to give to my children.  But not at the cost of them translating those gifts – or their needs being met – to how they view the church.  God showed me to instruct and inspire my children so they understand that THEY are the church.  THEY exist for the world.  So, I’m praying God will put before us opportunities where we can be just that.  The Church.  And, I know those opportunities are many. 

I don’t want to just go through the motions of life.  I don’t want my children to fail to recognize who they are.  The bride of Christ. 

Pastor Bill Hybels says, “the church is the hope of the world.”

I could not agree more.


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The Drifter.

Sometimes, I am a drifter.  A God drifter.  I didn’t know the name for it until Pastor Craig enlightened me this past Sunday.  It’s not that I haven’t prayed.  I have.  But, for the past few weeks, it’s really been more about me than Him. 

Then, I realize.  It tends to be about me when I don’t make time for Him.  Not a time for me to tug on the proverbial robe for requests.  Because, if that’s what this thing is all about it, then brothas and sistas, I have it down.

I’m not sure how you do it.  But, I can’t just always sit in silence and wait for God to speak to me.  I’m just being honest.  I do find that I tend to grow in Him – and spend time with Him – when I read various books by certain authors.  Many times, those books lead me to a silence where I hear Him.  I just struggle cultivating my own.  Read me?

I just picked up Mark Batterson’s book, Wild Goose Chase.  The subtitle is what caught my attention:  “Reclaim the Adventure of Pursuing God.”  Hmmm.  Adventure?  I’m game. 

“An Geadh-Glas” is name the Celtic Christians gave to the Holy Spirit.  Literal translation – “the Wild Goose.”  Batterson writes, “much like a wild goose, the Spirit of God cannot be tracked or tamed.”

He goes onto to explain that the “promptings of the Holy Spirit can sometimes seem pretty pointless, but rest assured, God is working His plan.   And if you chase the Wild Goose, He will take you places you never could have imagined going by paths you never knew existed.”

Can I evah relate to this one.  How often we struggle with wanting to know His will.  It’s as if we think we can put him into the confines our conventional wisdom….of our tiny little minds.  {Some, tinier than others.}

Batterson says, “Add Him [Holy Spirit] into the equation of your life, and anything can happen.  You never know who you’ll meet, where you’ll go, or what you’ll do.  All bets are off.”  If we are bored in our walk…ahem, that’s me….then perhaps, Batterson says, I am inviting the Spirit to follow me instead of following the Spirit.

And, that’s the “difference between spiritual boredom and spiritual adventure.”

I think I’m up for the adventure. 



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