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Sometimes, I Think I’m Good At Doing God’s Job.

My friend, Robin Storch, said something that was pretty life-changing for me recently.  For real!  Life-changing!  She was sharing something God had showed her, but followed it up with, “But it’s not my job to convince him of anything.”

I know.  It sounds simple.  But, I find that whenever God shows me something about someone or something, I always feel compelled to convince the other party, usually my husband, to step forward in that direction.  After all, God told me so.  Shouldn’t he trust the voice of the Father in my life?  But, in reality, it’s not my job to convince him or anyone of what God tells me. 

Because, I’m not the Holy Spirit.  But, I do play a good one.  Okay, I don’t.  But, I like to think I do.

I can only share my heart, and leave it.  I have to trust God to show Kris or whomever this concerns when HE is ready. 

So, that is it. 

It’s not my job to convince someone else of something God shows me. 

He’s God.  I’m not.  I’ll let Him do His thing.

He’s better at it.

Do you ever try to be the Holy Spirit?


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Finding God’s Will

“However, as it is written: ‘No eye has seen, no ear has heard, no mind has conceived what God has prepared for those who love him’ – but God has revealed it to us by his Spirit”
1 Corinthians 2:9-10

I am constantly seeking God’s will for my life.  Of course, aren’t most of us?  I read this verse again recently and the “revealed to us by His Spirit” part brought me a whole lot of comfort. 

God has already planned our steps.  He knows what our first step looks like and our last.  He has already mapped out our journey.  The really cool part is that the Spirit walks out our journey with us.  We never go at it alone.  We don’t have to play a guessing game with God’s will.  

The Spirit not only guides us but, He is also our companion.  And, He reveals to us His will along the way. 

That’s all I got today.  But it’s that just completely cool?


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This past Sunday I heard Pastor Bill Hybels, via video broadcast, share on what to do with whispers from God.  He gave us many examples of whispers from God in His own life.  And, if you look at Pastor Hybels’ life, there is no question that he has heeded most, if not all, of those whispers.

I can recall many whispers in my own life.  I’ve answered many and ignored a few.  But, oh the difference our life makes when we not only listen to the voice of God but do something with it.  Quite simply put, obey.

I remember whispers as a little girl.  But none strike me more than a whisper in my freshman year of college.  It was usually during my drives to school that the Holy Spirit and I would converse.  I’d talk to Him.  He’d listen and probably try to tug back.  Those were sweet moments in my young life. 

During this same time I watched an old video of Kathryn Kuhlman who began an incredible ministry when she was sixteen.  As a matter of fact, my parents re-dedicated their lives to Christ in a Kathryn Kuhlman meeting back in the early seventies.  What attracted me most to Kathryn was her anointing.  You knew it wasn’t just her when she walked out to minister to others.  But, she was truly a vessel being used by an Almighty Father.

On one of my drives after watching this old video, the Holy Spirit met me in my car again.  “I’m calling you just like I called Kathryn Kuhlman.”  I’m pretty sure I wept the entire drive to school and had a hard time shaking that moment – that whisper – for many days after.  Now, I’m not so foolish to think that God was telling me that I would have the same impact as a Kathryn.  But, I knew that He was calling me to me live a life that was beyond myself.  To live a life that brought glory to Him.

My journey since that moment has been unpredictable, as life often is.  I still do not feel that I have begun to do all He has set before me to do.  But, I do feel that it is my responsibility to answer those whispers along the way.  When He tells me to give to an individual.  To call someone.  To serve a friend or stranger.  To write a post for this blog.

I do not take to a podium like my father.  If I ever hear that whisper, I will.  But for now, this is my podium.  Silliness and all.  I don’t have all the answers.  As a matter of fact, I have very few.  But, I want you to know that I am here to talk to you, to pray with you.  You can always e-mail me direct at durstee@aol.com. 

In the meantime, listen to His whispers.  He loves you with a love that surpasses all understanding.  And, He wants to tell you something.

My sheep listen to my voice; I know them, and they follow me.  John 10:27


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The Drifter.

Sometimes, I am a drifter.  A God drifter.  I didn’t know the name for it until Pastor Craig enlightened me this past Sunday.  It’s not that I haven’t prayed.  I have.  But, for the past few weeks, it’s really been more about me than Him. 

Then, I realize.  It tends to be about me when I don’t make time for Him.  Not a time for me to tug on the proverbial robe for requests.  Because, if that’s what this thing is all about it, then brothas and sistas, I have it down.

I’m not sure how you do it.  But, I can’t just always sit in silence and wait for God to speak to me.  I’m just being honest.  I do find that I tend to grow in Him – and spend time with Him – when I read various books by certain authors.  Many times, those books lead me to a silence where I hear Him.  I just struggle cultivating my own.  Read me?

I just picked up Mark Batterson’s book, Wild Goose Chase.  The subtitle is what caught my attention:  “Reclaim the Adventure of Pursuing God.”  Hmmm.  Adventure?  I’m game. 

“An Geadh-Glas” is name the Celtic Christians gave to the Holy Spirit.  Literal translation – “the Wild Goose.”  Batterson writes, “much like a wild goose, the Spirit of God cannot be tracked or tamed.”

He goes onto to explain that the “promptings of the Holy Spirit can sometimes seem pretty pointless, but rest assured, God is working His plan.   And if you chase the Wild Goose, He will take you places you never could have imagined going by paths you never knew existed.”

Can I evah relate to this one.  How often we struggle with wanting to know His will.  It’s as if we think we can put him into the confines our conventional wisdom….of our tiny little minds.  {Some, tinier than others.}

Batterson says, “Add Him [Holy Spirit] into the equation of your life, and anything can happen.  You never know who you’ll meet, where you’ll go, or what you’ll do.  All bets are off.”  If we are bored in our walk…ahem, that’s me….then perhaps, Batterson says, I am inviting the Spirit to follow me instead of following the Spirit.

And, that’s the “difference between spiritual boredom and spiritual adventure.”

I think I’m up for the adventure. 



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