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Guest Blog: Barbara Goss

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Randomness Readers, it is with the greatest of honors I give you my mama today.  Love her.  Lu-huv her.  Take it away, Mom.

Do You Know Him as Father?

I would like to thank Dusty for giving me this opportunity to be a guest on her blog.  I do not take this lightly.  I consider it a huge honor just to be asked.  So, in an attempt to be half as interesting and not nearly as funny as my wonderful daughter, here it goes.

This Sunday is Father’s Day, and I would like to share a little of my life and what I have learned from my father.

To provide for our family, my father was a truck driver.  He was rarely at home, so I did not have a relationship with him.  I saw my dad one week a month (sometimes), and then when I did see him, it truly was a strain and very stressful time.  I won’t bother you with those details.  Growing up in a family without a “father figure” would become an issue with me later in life as one would probably imagine.

After giving my life to Jesus and growing in my faith, I still felt I was missing out on something.  I was longing for something more.  A part of my heart ached.  There was a part missing.  

I cried out to Jesus. 

I will never forget to this day how He spoke to me.  I can even recall where I was standing at that very moment.  He spoke these words to me:   “You know me as Jesus, and you know me as Lord.   And, My Holy Spirit you know and have experienced.  But, do you know me as your Father?   Have you opened that door”?   In Psalms 68: 5, He said He would be a Father to the fatherless.

Overwhelmed, I couldn’t hold back the tears. 

It was then and there that I realized I didn’t know what a father was.  It was once said to me the way we see our earthly father is the way we see and accept our Heavenly Father.  For me, that was so true.  I petitioned God to teach me – show me what a father is, and does!  And, it all started from there.  He began to teach me about fathers, and how a father loves his children. How a father will protect them, never leaves them, guides them, and how a father longs to give and bless his children.

The Miracle?  God restored and gave me an amazing relationship with my earthly father!  My father went to be with the Lord in 1985, but I had a wonderful relationship with my father for almost 10 years – one that I would have never imagined. God, our Father, is an awesome God and an amazing Father.  Do you know Him as your Father?

I would also like tell my dearest and best friend, who not only happens to be a wonderful father to our daughter, but great father to an incredible church (Eagles Way):  Happy Father’s Day Buren Goss.  I love you!


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