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Nobody Puts Big Mama In A Corner.

After chasing Jett minute after minute for hours on in one day last week, I noticed he had disappeared from the room.  And, it was quiet.  Which never really means anything particularly good.  So, I embarrassed my mom by asking Big Mama, “Big Mama, please, go find Jett, and bring him in here.” 

I swear I was only kidding.


But, you don’t challenge Big Mama.

Or, she just might do what you asked.

She found him.

And, she brought him back alright.

He just wasn’t so happy when she took over her walker again, and he lost his awesome ride.

There is not another Big Mama.  And, Jett Takle and I couldn’t be happier that she is in our lives.


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And, We Also Know Noah Built An Ark.

Nan - Anna Grand Day

Anna (to Nan):  So, there was this man who did not like Jesus.  He put people in jail if they talked about Jesus.  Then, a bright light made him not see.  Then, he loved Jesus. 

Nan:  Are you talking about the Apostle Paul?

Anna:  You KNOW that story?

It’s kind of like that song re-make that your kids are surprised you know.  ‘Cause, it’s like a re-make

But, I do love hearing stories from the Bible told by my children.  So, one day, they will not only know that story, it will be written on their hearts.

To always be reminded of His faithfulness.

His provision.

His sovereignty.

His presence.

Tell it to your children, and let your children tell it to their children, and their children to the next generation.  Joel 1:3


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