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Ordination Sunday.

It happened.  I became a girl Reverend.  My oldest awakened from his slumber yesterday morning and the first words out of his mouth were, “Congratulations, Mom.”  Be still my beating heart.  Anna just seemed to think that the fact her mom is now considered a “Pastor” is cool.  She tried to confiscate the red stole my dad placed around me during my ordination.  I explained to her that we couldn’t exactly keep it.  It’s like the Master’s green jacket.  You gotta give it back.  Okay.  It’s not like the Master’s green jacket.  But, sort of.  Maybe.

It was an overwhelming day.  It was humbling.  Scary.  Exciting.  Sobering.  The day delivered a new responsibility and accountability to be a deliverer of the Good News.  It also delivered severe cotton mouth.  Especially when my father put me on the spot after my ordination by having me officiate over the communion service.

I mean…I know how to do this.  Certainly, I’ve participated in enough communions in my 37 years to remember the bread is the body and juice is the blood, yes?  And, nothing like good friends keeping it real for you with a whisper from afar, “Don’t mess this up.”  Thank you, Adam Thurston.

The cotton-mouth became a definite issue when I noticed my inability to swallow the bread….better known as the Styrofoam wafer.  I chewed.  I chewed.  And, I chewed.  Until, I decided to leave it there stuck and move on to step two.  The blood of Christ was waiting, and so were a lot of hungry parishioners ready to hit Pizza Hut and such for some after-church grub.

Needless to say, communion was a bit scary.  But, comfortable.  And, scary.  It’s kind of a big deal.  Like a major sacrament of the church big deal.  All the more reason to be a nervous amateur pastor.

I am still soaking in the words spoken.  The scriptures read.  And, the words of my father as he handed me my Bible:  “This is no longer your Bible.  This is your life.”  Those words fell on me hard.  And, today, they continue to resonate loudly inside of me.

Thank you for traveling from near and from afar to support me.  You lavished me with a love that I do not deserve.  I am forever thankful for you.

And, I am forever thankful that He called me to be a servant in His Kingdom.

I love you all so very much.


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