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We’re A Little Bit Of Everything.

Anna - school

This year, we made the decision to transition our kids to private school. Let me first say, our kids have thrived in public school, and they have been under the instruction of some amazing public school teachers. Our decision to make the change came out of discussions between Kris and I and then with our children. One of the greatest benefits we’ve seen so far (besides only having ONE carpool line a day…..can I hear a shout?) is that all three of our children have opportunities to catch a glimpse of each other throughout the day. Jett will fist bump John Henry every time he sees him. And, we LOVE that. Seriously. Cutest ever.

Having been in a public school environment most of their lives, they are having new experiences they haven’t been exposed to before (and, we LOVE that, too.) Yesterday, Anna gets in the car and first shares that she thinks she might be Pentecostal. But, she doesn’t know for sure…

Anna: “So, today in Bible we checked what denomination we belong to. You know how our church isn’t ‘normal’ and I didn’t know what to check. I remembered hearing Big Mama was Pentecostal a long time ago, so I just checked that.”

John Henry: “We don’t belong to any denomination, Anna. I checked that.”

Anna: “Mom has never told us WHAT we are.”

We actually consider ourselves inter-faith, embracing all denominations. You know….we love grace like the Baptists and missions like the Methodists. Kris prefers the “sprinkling” of the Presbyterians (you will not find him submerged), and now we love the Eucharist like the Episcopalians. The list could go on. Bottom line, we believe every denomination highlights a different and beautiful aspect of the Christian faith. We have never really labeled ourselves, other than “inter-faith” because of this. I’ve sort of taken my dad’s position to always put a comma by your thoughts, because we are forever growing and expanding. We tend to parent our children the same way allowing for freedom of thought and growth. The only thoughts we govern are the ones that surround this scripture:

37Jesus replied, “‘You must love the Lord your God with all your heart, all your soul, and all your mind.’ 38 This is the first and greatest commandment. 39 A second is equally important: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’ Matthew 22:37-39

Love God, love others, and love yourself.

THEN, Anna proceeds to tell us about her communion experience. We have taken communion. I mean, come on. We are no stranger to the sacrament. We eat our styrofoam wafer and drink our white grape juice, so as not to stain the carpets. We’ve even taken communion as a family together at home, drinking wine from the same glass and breaking bread. Apparently, Anna approached the Episcopalian communion the same way.

“I went up and tried to grab the cup from them. They said, ‘What are you doing?’ I said, trying to drink the wine.”

“We don’t drink. We dip,” they told me.

“So, with my bread in one hand, I dipped my opposite hand, my FINGER into the wine, and then I LICKED MY FINGER. They looked at me like I was crazy. By the time I got back to my seat I noticed I still had my bread in my hand. So, I ate it.”

Needless to say, yesterday’s carpool pick-up was THE BEST. I laughed, and I laughed. Then, I would think about it again and laugh. This is seriously going to be a fun year.


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Ordination Sunday.

It happened.  I became a girl Reverend.  My oldest awakened from his slumber yesterday morning and the first words out of his mouth were, “Congratulations, Mom.”  Be still my beating heart.  Anna just seemed to think that the fact her mom is now considered a “Pastor” is cool.  She tried to confiscate the red stole my dad placed around me during my ordination.  I explained to her that we couldn’t exactly keep it.  It’s like the Master’s green jacket.  You gotta give it back.  Okay.  It’s not like the Master’s green jacket.  But, sort of.  Maybe.

It was an overwhelming day.  It was humbling.  Scary.  Exciting.  Sobering.  The day delivered a new responsibility and accountability to be a deliverer of the Good News.  It also delivered severe cotton mouth.  Especially when my father put me on the spot after my ordination by having me officiate over the communion service.

I mean…I know how to do this.  Certainly, I’ve participated in enough communions in my 37 years to remember the bread is the body and juice is the blood, yes?  And, nothing like good friends keeping it real for you with a whisper from afar, “Don’t mess this up.”  Thank you, Adam Thurston.

The cotton-mouth became a definite issue when I noticed my inability to swallow the bread….better known as the Styrofoam wafer.  I chewed.  I chewed.  And, I chewed.  Until, I decided to leave it there stuck and move on to step two.  The blood of Christ was waiting, and so were a lot of hungry parishioners ready to hit Pizza Hut and such for some after-church grub.

Needless to say, communion was a bit scary.  But, comfortable.  And, scary.  It’s kind of a big deal.  Like a major sacrament of the church big deal.  All the more reason to be a nervous amateur pastor.

I am still soaking in the words spoken.  The scriptures read.  And, the words of my father as he handed me my Bible:  “This is no longer your Bible.  This is your life.”  Those words fell on me hard.  And, today, they continue to resonate loudly inside of me.

Thank you for traveling from near and from afar to support me.  You lavished me with a love that I do not deserve.  I am forever thankful for you.

And, I am forever thankful that He called me to be a servant in His Kingdom.

I love you all so very much.


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Christmas Festivities And Deer Hunting?

We surprised my dad by flying home to Georgia a few days early.  We made it home in time for the Eagles Way Church Christmas service and family communion.  Communion as a family is always a special time.  Especially, when you look over at your children with the overwhelming knowledge that they are participating in one of the church’s greatest sacraments.  And, especially, when your daughter takes a bite of the wafer and comments, “Ha.  It tastes like popcorn!”  

It was certainly moving.

We had a little a family picture made after the service.

Then, Kris made good on his promise to Anna to take her deer hunting for the first time. 

They returned home with great father-daughter memories.

But no game.

And, I was really okay with that.


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