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I Like The Hustle & Bustle, But I Need This More.



This Christmas party.

That Christmas party.

Christmas lists.

Christmas shopping.

Christmas travel.

So easy to get lost in it all.

So easy to lose its meaning.

Yesterday, I had one thought in my hustle and bustle:

I just want to put it all aside and throw myself down at the altar of Jesus Christ.
Experience His peace.
Delight in His joy.
Bathe in His love.

Just for a moment.

Maybe longer.


“Love is what’s in the room with you at Christmas if you stop opening presents and listen.”  – Author Unknown


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Double The Fun.

What up party people?  Oh, perhaps, that’s just us.  We celebrated Anna’s 5th birthday and Kris’ 36th birthday this weekend.  I was actually scheduled to be induced with Anna on Kris’ birthday, November 8th, but my little girl had a mind of her own and came one day early. 

That mind of hers, it has not changed.  And, I’m sure she is thrilled she has a day all to herself.  She was quick to inform us that birthdays mean you “can do whatever you want.” 

I tend to agree.

Her day only went uphill after waking up to this.

Anna - bday pony

Kris moved the beauty to the living room, and I’ve kindly asked it be replaced back in Anna’s room.  I cannot continue to nearly pee my pants every time I walk by the animal.  I have enough trouble with that when I sneeze for crying (or sneezing) out loud.

Kris had a lovely day yesterday.  However, I do feel a tad sorry for him.  It’s rather difficult to enter the spotlight once Anna’s show has concluded.  But, he doesn’t seem to mind.  He’s pretty fond of his 8 pound 5 ounce birthday gift. 

He’s also pretty fond of John Henry.   And, I do have to share a picture he drew for Kris yesterday. 

JH - pic to Kris wp

This made me laugh out loud.  I did ask Kris’ permission to share his sweet gift.  He said, “It’s okay since my confidence level is pretty high that my feet clearly do not stink.”


I appreciate the Shrek-like feet even more than his appropriate, possessive use of “Dad’s.” 

Annnnd, that’s all I got.  Or have.  Or whatev’.

Just so completely happy Kris and Anna Takle were born.


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