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A Redemptive Story

A few months back, I wrote a post called “I Struggle With Porn.”  In this post, I led you to the story of Chris and Cindy Beall.  I really do hope you were able to read their incredible story of redemption.  Since that post, God has been taking their story to a whole new level – allowing them to minister to so many marriages crippled by pornography and infidelity. 

Also, since that post, Cindy Beall has become a dear friend.  I know.  Right?  Okay.  Enough name droppin’.

Cindy has added a new author on her blog. 

Mr. Chris Beall himself.

Yesterday, Chris posted a video answering many questions about their story.  It’s a little lengthy but worth the viewing.  I wanted to encourage you to hop on over there and listen to Chris.  I also want to encourage you to share their story with others.  Not only will you appreciate Chris’ transparency, but you will see a man with a heart after God. 

Chris and Cindy like to use the phrase “better than new” as it relates to what God did in their marriage.  And, they have no doubt whatsoever, that He will make your marriage better than new, too.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Mr. Chris Beall.

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A Candid Look Into Porn

I don’t struggle with porn personally.   But, I know many do.

I struggle with the fact that pornography is something so few of us talk about.  I struggle with how it has destroyed marriages, hurt children, and shattered lives. 

It’s such a taboo subject that men and women don’t feel comfortable discussing their addiction to porn.  Sometimes, not even with his or her accountability partner. 

But, there is hope.

I want to encourage every single one of you to read Cindy Beall’s very personal story on how pornography affected her marriage.  And, how God restored it. 

And, remember, God’s restoration is not restoring something to as it was, but rather restoring it to what He created it to be.

Please, take the time to read Cindy’s story.  Her transparency will inspire you and her testimony will give you hope.

Our Story:  Chapter 1

Our Story:  Chapter 2

Our Story:  Chapter 3

Our Story:  Chapter 4

Our Story:  Chapter 5

The Slippery Slope

You can also read Cindy’s book here. 

We serve a God who heals, redeems, and restores.


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