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Our Little Circle of Love.


For more than twenty-four hours, Kris and I searched for his wedding band.

“The last time I saw it, it was on the kitchen counter,” I told him.

“I know.  Me, too,” he agreed.

So, we searched.  And, we searched some more.  Until finally, we had exhausted all of our options.

All save one.

The morning that followed our search mission, Kris cornered Anna.

“Baby doll, have you seen daddy’s wedding ring?” He gently asked her.

“Hmmm.  I think I have.  Let me check.  YOU STAY RIGHT HERE!”  She ordered.

A few seconds later, Anna hand delivered Kris’ wedding band.  He praised her, but also told her how special the ring is to him.

Later that morning, I followed Anna into her room, and asked, “Where was daddy’s wedding band?”

She pulled a little box out of her school backpack and showed me where it had been resting.

“Anna, did you take daddy’s ring to school?” I asked her.

“Yes!  I wanted to show my friends!”  She said.

So, she did.  And, we know that there is, indeed, a God of the universe, because, that circle of love made it back home. 

I pray years from now, she shows that same ring to her friends, and says, “My parents are great examples of what love, pursuit, and commitment are all about.”  Except, I hope she tells us this time J


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