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Favorites Tuesday – Week Four


Celebrating Favorites Tuesday again with Kim over at Deliberate Hope!  Today’s FAVORITE is a favorite Christmas tradition.

I really don’t have a “favorite.”  I tend to enjoy all of the festivities, foods, and fun that the season brings.  But, I thought I’d share a Scandinavian tradition that I inherited when I married the K.T. man. 

What you see here is a sorry excuse for a Christmas tree that I purchased at my beloved Target last year.  Once again, I opted not to go all out with all that decoratin’ since the family would be heading south for the holidays.  What you also see by this here tree is a Yule Goat.  I know it resembles a straw, under-fed Terrier, but it’s not.  Mkay?  It’s a goat. 


Now, I’ve been told by my blonde, Scandinavian family members that the Yule Goat watches over the gifts under the tree.  I learned a whole lot more when I visited Wikipedia.  I recommend you do your research there on the history of the goat instead of me leading you astray on this very random blog.

Kris grew up with the Yule Goat always by the tree.  We carry on that tradition.  Sort of.  Maybe not this year with my lack of festiveness in the house.  But, I have managed to convince my children that our neighbor’s outdoor lights are ours, too.  I just wished they’d stop asking me to turn our lights on before they figure out the Takle yard is bare. 

I know I can’t pull this off much longer.

What’s your favorite Christmas tradition?


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