Favorites Tuesday – Week Four


Celebrating Favorites Tuesday again with Kim over at Deliberate Hope!  Today’s FAVORITE is a favorite Christmas tradition.

I really don’t have a “favorite.”  I tend to enjoy all of the festivities, foods, and fun that the season brings.  But, I thought I’d share a Scandinavian tradition that I inherited when I married the K.T. man. 

What you see here is a sorry excuse for a Christmas tree that I purchased at my beloved Target last year.  Once again, I opted not to go all out with all that decoratin’ since the family would be heading south for the holidays.  What you also see by this here tree is a Yule Goat.  I know it resembles a straw, under-fed Terrier, but it’s not.  Mkay?  It’s a goat. 


Now, I’ve been told by my blonde, Scandinavian family members that the Yule Goat watches over the gifts under the tree.  I learned a whole lot more when I visited Wikipedia.  I recommend you do your research there on the history of the goat instead of me leading you astray on this very random blog.

Kris grew up with the Yule Goat always by the tree.  We carry on that tradition.  Sort of.  Maybe not this year with my lack of festiveness in the house.  But, I have managed to convince my children that our neighbor’s outdoor lights are ours, too.  I just wished they’d stop asking me to turn our lights on before they figure out the Takle yard is bare. 

I know I can’t pull this off much longer.

What’s your favorite Christmas tradition?


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16 responses to “Favorites Tuesday – Week Four

  1. shari oliver

    mike’s favorite tradition is goat watching. mine is bar b q goat, goat milk, and goat cheese and go,,in to alabama.

  2. Shari, I like where your head is. ‘Tis scary. But, I like it.

  3. Lindsey Takle

    I received my first Yule Goat this year from Christina…. Um, cool tradition but I pick up pieces of straw on the floor daily! LOL! My family came over and said, ” Wow, whose gift is that? ” in a kinda weird way… It was hilarious!

  4. Lindsey Takle

    Although, our goat offers us many of new places for Fred, (our elf on the shelf ) to land when he returns from the North Pole. Kinda running out of places for that little booger to be placed! LOL

  5. Dusty Takle

    Oh, Lindsey, I’m laughing out loud at the “whose gift is that?” Hilarious. And, I hear ya on the straw!

    Some mornings, Mookie, our little Elf, comes back to the same spot he was before. Hmmm. Weird.

  6. manymeadows

    You always bring a smile to my face!

  7. Judy

    I your Elf was naughty I could give you loads of ideas….so could Boo…at least put him in the underwear drawer if you aren’t going to let him throw undies all over the room!!!!! and he isnt naughty just fun

  8. Judy

    O…before there was Elf….there was Santa Mouse…Lance and Boo would put cheese in the tree and Santa Mouse would leave 2 tiny gifts in the tree…it was fun while it lasted….

  9. Leiv

    Little does Lindsey know we will be actually slaying a goat on Christmas Eve. The little straw guy is just to break the ice. Tradition goes deep in the Takle family as well as the Biblical principles (Kris can comment on Leviticus and the story where one slaugters a goat as a sin offering). Ask him. He would often sit by the fire with his cup of irish coffee and tell the story of how the blood of the goat was used as a sin offering. You know us weird Takles. We are full of fun stuff. 🙂

  10. Dusty Takle

    Judy, I never heard of the Santa Mouse! I bet Boo still mourns the loss. We all know that Lance doesn’t.

    Leiv, being a Takle just keeps getting better. And, if I say “Leviticus” to Kris, he will think I’m talking about some winter cold.

  11. That was a great blog! Loved the different versions, made me smile too!
    Our tradition as a child was to have Cinnamon rolls, on Christmas morning, my Mom used to make.
    Every year, when the kids were young, Bruce & I gave them life savor books, they knew what it was. ha!
    As my children have grown, a Christmas movie we all go to watch Christmas night after everything has gone home.
    Great job Dusty! Love all of ya’ll!

  12. Well, I never….!
    I wish I was from a different country where I could boast of outlandish traditions like a Yule Goat. Fun facts, girlie.

  13. Do you remember Natalie’s post about a goat? Actually it doesn’t look like you have ever read it because you soooo would have commented. I will email the link. 🙂 It is good!!!

  14. Dad


  15. Dad, you won’t love Santa Claus this year. He is feeling this recessing economy, too. Fortunately, Jesus doesn’t.

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