I love Jesus and Santa Claus.

The title of this post is courtesy of a comment my dad left on my blog yesterday.  In the spirit of Christmas traditions, Dad simply said his favorites were “Jesus and Santa Claus.”  Way to go, Preacher.  Way to go. 

Unfortunately for Dad, he probably won’t love Santa Claus this year due to some serious financial cut-backs and such.  I reminded Dad of the recession at the North Pole.  He responded with a resounding, “I have everything I could ever want.”  And, the readers say, “Awwwwww.”

Truth be told, many are feeling the effects of our current economic climate.  Howevah, we still live in the most blessed nation on.the.planet.  Perhaps, this is a good holiday season to think beyond big, bright packages with ribbons and bows and enjoy the people God has placed in our lives.  

This year, why don’t we all decide to make some extra indulgences into spending time with those who make our world go ‘round.  Maybe use a little less sarcasm with a family member.  Tell that friend WHY you love her.  Play an extra game of UNO with your son.  These are the moments that last.  All of the tangible gifts will fade away. 

“’Maybe Christmas,’ he thought, ‘doesn’t come from a store.  Maybe Christmas… perhaps… means a little bit more.’”  – Dr. Seuss ‘How the Grinch Stole Christmas’.

And, a big Happy Annniversary to Mom and Dad.  My greatest two examples of living out a life rich in things that really matter.

How are you going to enjoy the people in your life this Christmas?


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14 responses to “I love Jesus and Santa Claus.

  1. Lindsey Takle

    Oh, how I love Christmas! Leiv and I cuddle with the girls on the couch and watch Christmas shows almost every night! (Charlie Brown, Rudolph, etc.) It’s so nice having those family moments! Also, I teach the girls my 12 days of Christmas dance (from my early ballet/dance years). It’s hilarious when we come to eight maids a milking! To see all of us acting out milking cows is priceless! LOL! Maybe I can teach you this year Dusty! HEE! HEE!

  2. Judy

    Can I have the people and the PRESENTS????? lol…..seriously this is the first Christmas in 2 that Lance and Jen and the boys will celebrate with us…sooooo….family and being together out shines all the lights and presents….and I have lived longed enough to know money does NOT make you happy…BUT I DON’T HAVE ANYTHING AGAINST MONEY!

  3. Okay, Lindsey. The fact that you REMEMBER that dance is impressive. John Henry has requested that I sing him the 12 Days of Christmas many times this year, and I had to look the lyrics up online. I’m sure my children would all the more appreciate an added dance!

  4. Judy, you and dad are two peas in a pod.

  5. kristen fountain


  6. manymeadows

    Good thoughts, Dusty. It’s all about relationships!! The ManyMeadows will be eating, playing games, eating, laughing, eating…well, you get it. Only presents for the little ones this year. And MOST of us are good with that 🙂 haha

  7. Lindsey Takle

    You got it! Bring on the video camera, because this will be a moment to captivate and remember! Especially when I try the ten lords a leaping! I’m eventually going to throw my back out! It’s definitely a dance worth teaching the kids!

  8. Amanda Morgan

    We will begin by singing Happy Birthday to Jesus with our candelit cinnamon rolls and eating eggs and bacon with biscuits and gravy and watching our little pumpkin faced blessings open their gifts. I love watching their eyes and smiles and hearing the giggles in the house as they look at the goodies that “Ho Ho” brought. (What Sammy calls Mr. Claus) We spend the day with both sets of grandparents and cherish the day that God gave us the greatest gift that anyone could ever ask for. We should also be finding out if Jeff and I have another little gift (if you know what I mean…) pretty sure we do. Don’t say a word my love, our friend Jimmy would have a hernia. (: Keep you posted.

  9. Brenda

    We will be spending time with Mom and Dad so you and Kris and the kids come on by. Alex and I are on our way to see Paul and David in “Death on 2 Wheels” Friday Night. We are getting to go and do and spend a lot of quality time together which is GREAT since he is off to college in the Fall!

  10. Lots and lots of time in the house with each other. Games, movies, coloring. These boys are my world.

  11. Judy

    Where does Amanda live …I want to eat breakfast with her!!!!!

  12. Bonnie

    so are you coming to see me????

  13. Peacefulness at home. That is my favorite way to spend Christmas!! I am a little envious of the straw goat. I may have to adopt one from somewhere. 🙂

  14. We ditched gift exchange grandparents/aunts/uncles and we’ll be shopping and wrapping gifts for foster kids for our family christmas.

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