‘Tis the Season.

I experience different seasons of life just like you.  Some are easier than others.  Some do not end quickly enough.  Then there are seasons where I hardly stop to notice the season.  Know what I mean? 

I’m noticing this one.  But, not the things one would expect for me to notice. 

It’s not hard.  It’s not easy.  Financially?  I’ve seen more.  I’ve seen less.  I don’t notice a real difference in myself as a mother (unless I look at my protruding abdomen.)    I’m sure my children have grown a tenth of an inch this past month.  I can’t really tell until their jeans hit above their ankles.  Kris still makes me laugh out loud just like he does in every other season. 

What I am noticing this season is a greater intimacy in my relationship with my heavenly Father.  I know He’s always tender.  He’s always gentle.  But, I’m especially noticing a sweet calm – a peace – that can only come from Him.  I think about Him when I take my kids to school and on my drive back home.  I think about how good He is when I serve my husband.  I think about how a perfect son of God was born in the most humblest of circumstances. 

I think about Him.

All the time.

And, my heart overflows.

I am in love.




With Jesus.

I love this season.


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3 responses to “‘Tis the Season.

  1. Dusty,
    I know that pleases God, I too am more in love with Him, our sweet, sweet, caring creator. The Great I AM. Sometimes it is hard to watch others suffer, or be sad, and to offer them hope because of how He has poured into my life, is a great thing to share!
    Love your blog, always touches my heart, in different ways! Thank you!

  2. Gailynn

    An odd closeness has occured with God and I recently. Since graduation in June of 2008 and fulfilling my dream of becoming a nurse I started praying every night on my way to work. Praying that I would be a good nurse, attentive to my patients needs, and to know when I needed to act on their behalf; even when it means butting heads with doctors. After a paticularly difficult patient I added something to my prayer. Please don’t let me do anything to hurt/harm/or otherwise make my patient worse.

    I know I took the long way to say this, those long quiet rides to the hospital and back have afforded me a great opportunity to reflect on the love and protection of God and the fagility of life.

    I have never felt closer to God than I do now. Closer and very thankful that I have a chance to live my dream and work my passion.

  3. Peggy

    I love this season too, Dusty. This year I am especially trying to ‘teach’ my grandchildren about ‘giving’. Prayers appreciated. 😉

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