Fathers Be Good To Your Daughters.

Anna:  “Dad, your hair is running out.”

Yet, he adores her and even serves her still.

What compares to a father’s love for his daughter?

I’m quite certain…..



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7 responses to “Fathers Be Good To Your Daughters.

  1. too cute…ya just nevah know what the girl is gonna say….

  2. Kevin

    There is a really good book for dads with daughters. Strong Fathers, Strong Daughters by Meg Meeker.

  3. Gailynn

    Love the song with that line, love your blog. And do so love that Anna girl!! I think she and my Abbi may be from the same cloth.

    I asked Abbi why she didn’t turn on the Christmas lights when she got up Saturday morning. Her response, “I didn’t turn them off.” I so so so thought of Anna!

    There is something very special about the love a Daddy has for his daughter. And the treasure works both ways. I think there is a divine appointment for the daddy being the LAST person to have his daughter before she becomes a wife. Daddy has the final say in “giving her away.”

    Just a thought.

  4. Des

    I’m in love with my two for sure.

  5. Oh, how sweet. Enjoy her Kris Takle. I’d give just about anything to have a hug from my daddy.

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