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I Could Write For Days.

I could write for days about how he lavishes mercy on people. How he rarely has to forgive, because it’s unusual for him to take offense to something said or done. Because, he is the master at making allowances for other’s faults. I could spend all day telling you how he pours out wisdom over and over and over again. How he has saved me from so many blunders. How he has kept me so many times from letting my words fall at the wrong time at the wrong place. I could tell you how much he loves God’s Word. How much he loves His Maker. How much he loves doing what he does. How good he is at doing what he does. How much he just loves. Doesn’t judge. I could tell you so many things.

How he is the most fun person on earth to sing Garth Brooks songs with.

How he can make you laugh harder than any other person.

How he can laugh at himself.

How adorable it was that his favorite part of Ireland was riding on this site seeing bus.

I could spend all day sharing all of the hilarious things, all of the inspirational things, all of the love-filled things about him.

But, it would take an eternity to tell you what it’s like to call him Dad.

It would take forever to share the stories of what kind of father he was to me when I was growing up. How he practiced patience. Made me laugh. Spent huge amounts of time with me. Didn’t buy into the “quality time is better than quantity.” He knew quantity mattered. So, he spent as much time as he possibly could with me. And, he still does.

Every single day that Kris is gone, he will call and ask me, “What do you need me to do today?” I thank him over and over again for helping me. He replies, “It’s a joy.” I called him the other day to say thank you for picking up the kids from school. He responds, “I love spending time with my grandchildren. I’m glad I get to do what I do for them.”

He does everything without complaining.

He does everything with immense joy. With immense grace. With immense love.

Dad, I could not imagine a more wonderful father than you. I could not dream of a more amazing, a more present grandfather to John Henry, Anna, and Jett. I am so thankful that I get to call you my pastor, my mentor, my friend. But, nothing compares to being able to call you Dad. Nothing. You are the best. Period.

Happy Birthday, Dad. Thank you for making life filled with so much grace, so much love, and sooooo much fun.

I love you,






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He’s so high, high above me.

John Henry came home from school last week and told me, “people who don’t love God don’t know Him.”  I’m pretty sure 1 John 4:8 is one of his memory verses.   I thought it would be fun to interview my children on what they know about God.  Here are their answers. The spelling and punctuation are courtesy of mom.  Grammar and content are courtesy of a 6 year old and 4 year old.

John Henry

That He is our Father.

He sent His son Jesus to earth.

And, He made us. He made Brew, all these animals.  The seventh day He rest.

I pray to talk to Him. We pray to Him anytime we want to.

We praise Him, and we celebrate His birthday.

Whenever you look up, you’re looking at Him.

He died on a cross to save our sins, and He loves us.


When God doesn’t know us or someone doesn’t know God, we have to pray to God so He’ll talk to us.

God praise us to bless our hearts to breathe.

God is in our hearts so He can hear us, ‘cause He’s so high when we pray.

He lives in heaven ‘cause heaven’s His favorite place to live.

He does lots of good stuff.

And, if we be bad we tell the truth.

And, He makes us by eating food to grow.  If we don’t have food in our tummy, we die and go to heaven.

God bless us with rats to hold and cats to hold.  Rats are like mouse.  Rats are tiny, and they scratch.

And, there ya go.

What do you know about God?


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