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Meltdowns and resolutions that matter.

After two weeks of indulging in holiday delights, I was excited to wake up yesterday morning to a new year.  My excitement rapidly waned when I realized the coffee pot was vacant and the wireless internet was down.  I could hardly look anyone in the eyes.  How was I supposed to begin a day, much less a new year, without two of life’s morning essentials? 

Well, making a fresh pot of java and PLUGGING THE ROUTER’S POWER CORD IN prevented any potential meltdown. 

Oh, the conveniences we so quickly become dependent upon. 

Lunch provided the traditional black-eyed peas and collard greens with my mom’s fresh ham.  HEAVEN.  And, I spent the rest of the day doing absolutely nothing meditating and rejuvenating the soul. 

As I think about 2009 and any resolutions I may or may not keep, I am reminded to listen to my Father’s voice.  It’s so easy to make our own plans.  And, while planning is often essential and wise, I don’t want to miss the whispers.  Resolving to take better care of my physical body is one thing.  Resolving to be attentive to my spiritual well-being – well, that’s a whole other story.

I’m not as attentive as I probably should be every day.  As a matter of fact, I have days where the first time I say God’s name is during my children’s bedtime prayers.  He can handle it.  He knows exactly where I am and still knows how many hairs are on my highlighted blonde head.  That’s one of the amazing things about God.  He knows everything single thing about us – even my calorie consumption yesterday.  And, even when I fail to recognize His presence in my life, He still sits and waits with bated breath for me to call His name. 

I hope He hears His name a lot more in 2009.


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My Favorite Things. Your Favorite Things. (2nd Edition)

My, my.  You people know what you like. 

Hope commented:

“Y’all probably don’t need this kind of moisturizing but up here in Canada … whoa!  Dr. Denese (probably on your QVC) sells a face “oil” that doesn’t leave a trace of oil, doesn’t clog pores and leaves your skin feeling like it was just made.  It’s called Hydro Shield Moisturizing Face Serum. Did I mention that my fine wrinkles have all but disappeared!”

I didn’t know what a fine wrinkle was until I hit my thirties.  But God is good, and He has His scientists at work developing formulas to make fine lines a thing of the past.  ‘Cause If I have faith like the grain of a mustard seed….

Now, Marla loves a lot of things, including Mexican food, but I couldn’t have agreed more when she commented:

“I LOVE LOVE LOVE Burt’s Bees Champagne lip shimmer stick. It just adds a little sheer shimmer to your lips, kind of a sun kissed look.”

I, too, love and use Burt’s Bees Champagne shimmer stick.  My lips have never looked so hydrated with a kissable, pinkish frost.

Karen e-mailed me this product that has revolutionized her mornings:

Senseo Deluxe Single Cup Coffee Maker! I couldn’t live without it.  Chris & I both drink coffee throughout the day. There’s nothing worse than stale, burnt coffee that’s sat in a pot being heated for 2 hours. Not even the thermal carafes did any better. Then, I found the Senseo on Amazon.com.  It makes 1 cup of coffee at a time using a pod. You get the same flavor every time.  You don’t have to worry about how much coffee you put in or how strong/weak it will be. The grounds are contained in the pod.  It just lifts out & gets thrown away.  What’s even easier is Amazon has the pods for it, and they are reasonably priced.  You can also subscribe & get a discount. I do that with coffee & tea.”

Now, for you men who like to smell real nice for your lay-deez – or you men on the prowl wondering why the women just aren’t that into you, this one is for you:

Chrome by Loris Azzaro.  I just purchased this cologne for Kris.  He sprays it on, and I am in L-O-V-E.  It’s wonderful, I tell you.  It’s sexy and masculine. 

Shari Lynn wants to know some of my diet and exercise tips.  God bless her to think I have some.  Maybe, I’ll post on that one tomorrow.  And, your feedback will be more than welcomed.


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