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Aretha sang it best, but I don’t think she was singing about the respect I’m gonna talk about.  I will not be referencing the “when you get home” respect…..at least not this time.

Respect.  I think we as a society have lost it for one another.  For real.  The greatest thing I learned from writing last week’s blog series was this:  people need to know they matter.  Whether we express it in the written word, take time out of our busy life to invest in another’s, or let the guy trying to get over in our lane get over, our society is groaning for a re-establishment of respect for humankind. 

In this year alone, I have heard of numerous people who have taken their own life.  I lost a classmate in February who left behind a wife and toddler son.  One of my former students who excelled in everything he did just ended his life at 21.  Last year, I met a beautiful girl who was in her late twenties with a successful career.  I recently learned that she, too, committed suicide.  I am bothered, and I can’t help it.

Call suicide selfish.  Call it whatever you will.  Bottom line is that we are surrounded by hurting people, lonely people, desperate people.  Our lack of respect and our immersion into ourselves blind us to what God has truly called us to. 

I’m not placing blame.  No one can or should bear the burden of desperate people.  But, we do need to take responsibility for the little things – like the simple act of respect.

I have good friends.  And, I don’t need to “fit” them into my life when convenient for me.  They deserve my undivided attention and moments set aside just for them.  Why?  Because they matter.

For the sake of humanity, let’s reclaim that 7 letter word.  (And, I know most of you are counting right now.)  And, for the sake of our relationships, let’s make sure they know they matter.  For real.

By the way, I don’t think Jason Castro is gonna make it through after last night’s performances.  Even with my sympathy text votes, I’m afraid he’ll get the boot.  I just needed him to know that he matters.  After all, he IS my brother.  Ya’ll be prayin’ for ’em now.


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