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Double Digits.

This awesome kid is ten today.  I couldn’t just write ten things I love and admire about him.  I could write one-thousand.  I could write for days.  Because, every moment I’m with him, he gives me another reason to thank God for his life.

John Henry,

I love you.  I love every second I get to spend with you.  You are the most well-mannered, ten year old boy I know.  I love how you are so considerate of other people.  How you are genuinely concerned about the well being of those around you.

I love how your hand-shake is firm.  But, it is confidence wrapped in humility.

I love how you know how to be a gentleman.  How you tell a lady, “You look really pretty,” and always prefer them to yourself.

I love how when you see a need, you meet it if it’s within your ability.  You are always so aware of what’s going on around you.

I love how you are so quick to forgive.  How you really do make allowances for other people’s faults.  And, how you quickly acknowledge your own and are the first to say you’re sorry.

I love how truly thankful you are for everything you’re given.  And, how the gifts you love most are the people in your life.

I think I’m just amazed at how much you already imitate Christ.  I’ve prayed your entire life that you would seek Him always.  That you would grow in Him.  But somewhere along the way, you stopped growing in Christ….

And, Christ began growing in you.

I guess in many ways, I kind of look up to you.  I mean, I’m still your mom.  I’m still going to discipline your behavior and train your character.  It’s my job.  But, I respect you.  I admire the young man you are already are.

I’m so thankful God gave me you.  And, I’m thankful He gave you to this world.  You remind us all that chivalry isn’t dead.  You remind us to be kind and considerate to one another.  You remind us that greater is he is within us than he that is in the world.  You remind us to be thankful.

Happy 10th Birthday, JH.  Thank you for being you.

I love you,


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I would have posted yesterday, but I didn’t.  I figured most of you were too consumed with sledding and hot chocolate to read some post.  As for me, nothing edible was safe in my house.  I did, however, cut my 3 Oreos with my coffee down to 2 today.  Because, I do make good choices some days.  And, being trapped inside a house with little people will really make you tune into the choices your children are making. 

I have a chalkboard hanging in the hallway in our home.  I periodically put scriptures on it, and teach them to my children.  A few days ago, Anna reminded me to change the scripture, since she was very aware that in the city of David, a Savior had already born.  So, I thought this one appropriate:

“Honor your father and mother. Then you will live a long, full life in the land the Lord your God is giving you.”  Exodus 20:12

“What does honor mean?”  Anna asked.

“It’s to treat someone with value,” I explained to her. 

My cousin was gracious to allow both John Henry and Anna spend Sunday afternoon with his little boy.  After hearing him respond to his dad with a little attitude, Anna told him what the Bible says about honoring your mother and father.  Then, she followed it up with, “if you wanna live a long life…”

Had I known Anna would take this to heart as much as she has, I would have posted that scripture a very long time ago. 

Later, Anna asked, “Will you really live a long life if you honor your parents?”

Fair question.  Especially, considering the fact that many young have left us early.  Some biblical scholars feel the promise of long life here is referring to that particular nation inhabiting that land for many days as opposed to life span.  So, I explained to Anna that this means her life would be much happier.  She would be much more content.  And, often times, a happy life affects the length of someone’s life.  It certainly affects a full life.

Yesterday, when Anna asked me what I was waiting for when she requested more Sprite, I quickly reminded her of honor.  Her dad quickly took away her privilege of getting more.  And, she quickly learned that her life, at that moment, was not full.

I think it will be a while before I erase that chalkboard.


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Aretha sang it best, but I don’t think she was singing about the respect I’m gonna talk about.  I will not be referencing the “when you get home” respect…..at least not this time.

Respect.  I think we as a society have lost it for one another.  For real.  The greatest thing I learned from writing last week’s blog series was this:  people need to know they matter.  Whether we express it in the written word, take time out of our busy life to invest in another’s, or let the guy trying to get over in our lane get over, our society is groaning for a re-establishment of respect for humankind. 

In this year alone, I have heard of numerous people who have taken their own life.  I lost a classmate in February who left behind a wife and toddler son.  One of my former students who excelled in everything he did just ended his life at 21.  Last year, I met a beautiful girl who was in her late twenties with a successful career.  I recently learned that she, too, committed suicide.  I am bothered, and I can’t help it.

Call suicide selfish.  Call it whatever you will.  Bottom line is that we are surrounded by hurting people, lonely people, desperate people.  Our lack of respect and our immersion into ourselves blind us to what God has truly called us to. 

I’m not placing blame.  No one can or should bear the burden of desperate people.  But, we do need to take responsibility for the little things – like the simple act of respect.

I have good friends.  And, I don’t need to “fit” them into my life when convenient for me.  They deserve my undivided attention and moments set aside just for them.  Why?  Because they matter.

For the sake of humanity, let’s reclaim that 7 letter word.  (And, I know most of you are counting right now.)  And, for the sake of our relationships, let’s make sure they know they matter.  For real.

By the way, I don’t think Jason Castro is gonna make it through after last night’s performances.  Even with my sympathy text votes, I’m afraid he’ll get the boot.  I just needed him to know that he matters.  After all, he IS my brother.  Ya’ll be prayin’ for ’em now.


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