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The Truth About Resentment.

Truth is.

I’ve had one million things to write about.

Truth is.

I’ve taken zero time to write anything.

It’s easy to get out of a daily routine.  A routine of exercise.  A routine of going to church on Sundays.  A routine of weekly date nights.  A routine of family devotions. 

A routine of writing.  Okay, and so a routine of exercise. 

And, I almost didn’t write this post.  I just knew I needed to.  I knew I needed to write down how I had this moment tonight where I found myself beginning to feel resentful.  Resentful for having so little time to myself.  Resentful that I am the one who picks up behind little people.  And, ahem, big people.  Resentful that my day is usually consumed with doing things for other people.


So, I prayed.

And, as quickly as that resentment came pulsing through my veins, it left.  Really.  It did.  I realized that usually when resentment begins creeping into my life, it is the direct result of me failing to spend time alone with my Father.  My Friend.  I can spend a large portion of my day studying scriptures and researching words like “faith.”  It’s all head knowledge.  Granted a lot of it goes directly to my heart, and that’s all good.  But it’s not relational.  Not in the way He wants and not in the way I need.  And, it’s that relational part that keeps me in check.  Well, it keeps my attitude in check.  If you don’t believe me, ask Kris Takle. 

Or not.

And, the truth is.

My life is not my own anyway. 

So, what could I possibly be resentful about?

Now, my resentment has turned into gratitude.  Gratitude for a Father who doesn’t let me stay in a crappy state of mind.  Gratitude for a Friend who will let me vent, but then speak truth into my life seconds later. 

Because, He loves me.  And, the only appropriate response is to love Him right back. 

With time spent with Him.


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What’s In the Bucket?

The other day, I heard my friend, Kim Heinecke, say, “What’s in the well comes up in the bucket.”  This rings true in probably every area of our life. 

Kris can fly an airplane, because he invested into learning how to fly.  He achieved all of his ratings, surrounded himself with other pilots, and flew as often as he could to become good at what he does.  He invested a lot into his aviation well. 

If I want to learn how to knit, I’ll probably read a book on knitting, spend some time with my skilled mother-in-law, and practice the hobby until I become proficient. 

Whatever we invest ourselves into and how we invest ourselves will come up in the bucket.  If I invest into gossip, criticism, and negativity….my bucket will come up looking pretty dirty.


If I want to be prepared for any spiritual attack (or spear)….

If I want to respond to people in a way that is pleasing to God….

If people come to me and need spiritual guidance or counsel in their relationships….

If I want to live a life without fear and a real understanding of what it means to place my hope in Him….

If I want to comprehend that the same power that raised Christ Jesus from the dead is in me….

If I want to be happy….

If I want to be content….

Then I have to invest into His word.  I have to spend time with Christ daily.  I have to seek Him above all else.  I have to love Him with all my heart, soul, and mind – a love so deep and so invested that it is obvious to every person around me.

So, when the enemy comes rushing at me like a flood, he will not move me.

Because, what’s in the well will come up in the bucket.


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