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Let Them Eat Cake.

This blog is officially one year old.  Okay, one year and two days, but I figured you didn’t want to celebrate the BIG BLOG BASH on your very coveted Saturday.  I certainly didn’t want to give up my laundry and trip to the Red Carpet Car Wash.

So, here’s the celebration, folks.  Let’s party.

I said LET’S PARTY!!

Man, we are rock stars. 

You probably notice the little facelift I gave my dotcom.  I let my mom take a sneak peak yesterday. 

“Oh, it’s nice,” she said very convincingly. 

It seems my mom misses Anna’s cute little feet at the top of the page.  I’ve agreed to randomly change the pictures out from time to time.  FOR.MY.MOTHER.  Because, I’m a good daughter like that.  And, she’ll fly out here and keep my kids on a moment’s notice.

When I first began this blog, the thought occurred to me that I may have nothing to write about every single weekday.  Of course, you may be thinking, “Um, you don’t have anything to write about.”  Bigmama would tell you, “You better hush.” 

As a mother, you know we are never short on stories.  And, as long as Anna Takle is Anna Takle, there will always be a post that might make you chuckle – or just feel the need to pray for me J

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading about my little life and journey with our big God as much as I’ve enjoyed writing about them.  Life is hard enough to not share it with friends. 

For real.


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Favorites Tuesday – Week Six


Would you believe the End of the Year Favorites Party ends today?  Kim’s been bossin’ me around for the past six Tuesdays.  Good thing she is cute.  And sweet.  And laughs at my funniness. 

Let’s get right to it, shall we? 

Favorite 3 blogs I read.  Well, let’s call it 3 OF my favorite blogs so as not to hurt virtual bloggy feelings causing my readership to go from ten to two. 

Cindy Beall – I love this girl.  Luh-huv her.  I started reading her blog almost a year ago.  I FINALLY met this Texan-born beauty last September.  She even invited me to her bible study!  I know, right?  I keep getting invited back, because I bake the best Panera bagels.  Seriously, she’s not only full of clever wit, but she is A-NOIN-TED.  She’s like my very own Beth Moore but funnier.

Natalie Witcher – I’ve never met this gal who makes me laugh ‘til I pee my pants.  Well, I don’t really pee in my pants.  But close.  She loves Bono, little waxy chocolate donuts, and God.  And, she writes about all of them.  I get to meet her next month.  I’m stoked.  God is good.  Natalie is funny. 

Big Mama – No.  Not my Grandma “Bigmama.”  Of course, both love God, but only one loves fashion.  If you start following this gal’s blog, you will probably be one of ten-thousand.  I’m sure it’s so cliché that I read Big Mama, but I do find her writing brilliant and full of humor I can relate to.  She loves Jesus and her little girl.  To.Pieces. 

Add some of your favorites!


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The art of the handwritten letter.

Now that we can text and e-mail “thank you”, “happy birthday”, and “I love you”, do you think the art of the handwritten letter is history?

Three of my Georgia peaches were out visiting a few weeks ago.


And, let me tell you.  One of ‘em right now is sittin’ at home saying, “Oh, I can’t believe she chose THIS picture.”  All save Kate.  She only checks her e-mail once a year.  All of this to say (and throw in their picture that they’ve been begging me to post) that we had this exact conversation.  No, no.  Not about what pictures flatter and which ones add ten pounds.  We all know that the camera adds at least that.  We talked about the joys of receiving a handwritten letter.

But, here is the thing.  I have saved most of the letters written to me since I was sporting the converse high tops in the 7th grade.   I have saved very few letters sent via the internet gods.  Only in the past year, have I created web folders for these attempts at the human touch.

 I’m not pointing fingers.  I love the ease and use of typing then pressing “send.”  But, when I received Jennifer’s handwritten note card in the mail upon her return to G-Town, I suddenly remembered why this lost art is so special.  (Now, Sharon and Kate are scrounging for their stationary.)

As far as thank you notes go, I always try to handwrite every one.  I even made Anna sign her name on thank your cards for her recent birthday gifts.  I have the feeling I took the “JOY” right out of the “ART” with my obsession on her starting her “A” far enough to the left as to leave room for the “N”, “N”, and “A”.  Blessed be the name.  No pun intended.

Do you still send handwritten letters?

Do you still have old letters sent to you from your younger years? 

(Necessary Note:  Bonnie Spencer, your posted picture is coming soon.  And, yes.  I still have all of your letters.)



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