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That’s Not Fair!

There is no book or instruction manual that tells you how to handle every parenting quandary.  My lack of wisdom in dealing with various situations became even more evident last night.  I allowed John Henry and Anna to pick ONE movie to watch in their room together.  Of course, they picked two different movies.  And, of course, I thought out loud, “Hmmm. How can we handle this?”  John Henry suggested they pick a number between one and ten. 


They did.  He won.  She wailed.

It wasn’t very fair for Anna even if she would get her pick next time.  I could have told her the first shall be last, and the last shall be first, but I felt certain that wouldn’t have sped her recovery.  It was a hard lesson in life for a four year old.  A lesson we all learn if we live long enough.

Life is not fair.

It’s not fair that I’m only 5’3”.  It’s not fair that I have a digestive disease. 

It’s not fair that my very good friend, Josh, died at 27.  It’s not fair that there are children in India begging for food.  It’s not fair that a five year old little girl has a brain tumor. 

So many things in life aren’t fair.

But, if God was fair, we would all die and pay a price for our sins.  One of my favorite Cindy Beall lines on “God isn’t fair” is: “I’m glad He’s not.  I need His mercy.”  The promise of eternal life isn’t about God being fair.  It’s about His incomprehensible love and mercy.

Life may seem unfair sometimes.  But, God is full of mercy.  He IS mercy.  He IS just.  And, He is faithful to make all things work together for the good.

This, I know well.

As for Anna….well, her tender, sweet big brother parted her tears, and said, “Anna, we can watch your movie.”

Was that fair for John Henry?  Well, maybe he does have a grasp on the first shall be last truth.  Or, just maybe, he was being merciful to his little sister. 

Either way, I am so humbled to be that young man’s mother.


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It’s a blog eat blog world.

Okay.  So, the title of this post has little or nothing to do with the post itself.  I’ve just always wanted to use that one.  There ya go.

Now, as for the blog world, bloggers usually read a whole host of blogs daily.  If you’ve ever visited any links from my “Really Cool Blogs”, then you’ve been exposed to the ones I frequent and enjoy.

That being said, here is a recent post from this guy and a response from this girl that I cannot get out of my head.

Scott Williams, author of Big Is the New Small posted:
“God isn’t fair.”

Cindy Beall responded:
“I’m glad He isn’t.  I need His mercy.”

There have been a few circumstances in my life where I didn’t feel that God was fair.  But, I wonder how many times He has poured out His mercy on me when I deserved otherwise.  I bet a lot.


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